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Estelle Getty

  1. last night on late night
    Nia Vardalos Cooked for Several Golden GirlsThe Greeks did invent cheesecake, so.
  2. sitcom smackdown
    Marc Cherry Shares His Memories of Writing for Golden GirlsStories about a blessed cast by the future Desperate Housewives creator.
  3. Pals and Confidants: The Golden Girls in (Mostly) Their Own WordsWriters write. Sometimes, actors also write. Sometimes, actors should just stick to acting. But some other times, when actors write, they allow […]
  4. betty white
    See a Tasteless, Tacky Betty White TattooReally? That’s what you wanted permanently etched into your skin? Zombie Bea Arthur?
  5. See an Epic Golden Girls/Star Wars Graphic Mash-upLuke, Betty White is your father.
  6. the golden girls
    See a Baby Dressed Like a Golden GirlSophia Petrillo: now even tinier!
  7. obit
    Estelle Getty Dies at 84, But Sophia Is ImmortalThere’s just something about ‘Golden Girls’ — and Getty in particular — that gets a girl all worked up.