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  1. ello!
    Kate Middleton Fiddletons on the Piano at EurovisionThe royals have inserted themselves into another internationally beloved treasure.
  2. vulture lists
    All 37 of This Year’s Eurovision Song Entries, RankedForget King Charles’s coronation. The most important event across the pond this week is undeniably the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.
  3. eurotrip
    Who Will Win Eurovision 2023?We’re feeling good about the Swede with a panini press.
  4. vulture lists
    The 18 Most Outrageous Eurovision PerformancesFeather boas, sexy Roman soldiers, and yellow spandex.
  5. brave
    Thanks, NancyShe read a poem.
  6. venue changes
    Ukraine Can’t Host Eurovision Next YearDue to the ongoing Russian invasion.
  7. geopolitics
    This Year’s Eurovision Winners Raised $900,000 for the Ukrainian MilitaryUkraine’s Kalush Orchestra auctioned off the mic trophy to buy drones.
  8. switched on pop
    Will Ukraine Win Eurovision This Year?Its entry, written before the Russian invasion, has become a beacon of national pride and is the odds-on favorite to take home the glass microphone.
  9. geopolitics
    No, Russia Won’t Actually Get to Compete in Eurovision Amid Ukraine InvasionOrganizers walked back a previous statement allowing the country to perform in May.
  10. drugs
    Eurovision Says Winner Wasn’t Doing Cocaine on Live TV, But Come OnThe Italian singer will take a drug test.
  11. eurovision 2021
    Mamma Mia! Italy Wins Eurovision 2021With Måneskin’s “Zitti E Buoni.”
  12. eurovision 2021
    Who Will Win Eurovision 2021?We’re heading back to Rotterdam — with a trillion percent more Flo Rida.
  13. peacock
    Thank the Elves: Actual Eurovision Song Contest to Stream in U.S. for First TimeAll three glorious, disturbing nights.
  14. oscars 2021
    Húsavík Is All Our Hometowns Thanks to This Pre-Oscars PerformanceGood luck beating a children’s choir, tiny sweaters, and fireworks, Diane Warren.
  15. awards watch
    Borat’s ‘Wuhan Flu’ Song Made the Oscars ShortlistAs did Eurovision Song Contest.
  16. jaja ding dong
    The Elves Forced Iceland’s Eurovision Contestant to Play ‘Jaja Ding Dong’Have they gone too far?
  17. bad ideas
    The U.S. Will Get Its Grubby Paws on Eurovision with ‘American Song Contest’Because America famously doesn’t have enough singing competition television shows…
  18. comedy
    Iceland’s Real Eurovision Contestant Doesn’t Get the ‘Husavik’ Lyrics EitherEven he had to Google the lyrics.
  19. chat room
    Eurovision’s Director Never Wanted to Make Fun of AnyoneDavid Dobkin talks finding the heart in Will Ferrell’s passion project, comedy’s cultural uprising, and what is funny in 2020.
  20. only mr. god knows why
    An Ode to Latvia, the Overlooked Gem of EurovisionHow does a new fan of the European song contest choose a country to support? Don’t. Just go with Latvia.
  21. chat room
    Dan Stevens Was Supposed to Sing in Eurovision, But Then a Pandemic HappenedThe actor says he planned to provide vocals for his character, Russian disco-god Alexander Lemtov, “but then the world got turned upside down.”
  22. fire! saga!
    A Guide to All the Cameos and Homages in Netflix’s EurovisionUnsurprisingly, the parody arrives packed with appearances from actual former Eurovision competitors and commentators.
  23. lip-sync assassin
    Is Rachel McAdams Really Singing in Netflix’s Eurovision?Are those magical, almost porpoise-like Icelandic whistle tones really coming out of her mouth?
  24. movies
    The (Fake) Songs of SummerHow the surprisingly convincing faux pop tunes of the Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga got made.
  25. movie review
    You’ll Want to Sing Along to Will Ferrell’s Glorious EurovisionThis comedy about the Eurovision Song Contest might be the most emotionally engaging movie the actor has ever made.
  26. trailer mix
    Here’s Will Ferrell in a Wig to Remind You of the Before TimesIt’s the trailer for Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.
  27. soundtracks
    Will Ferrell Takes His (Key)Board to the Fjord In Eurovision ‘Volcano Man’ VideoGet ready for your heart to melt, then immediately refreeze. It is Iceland, after all.
  28. eurovision
    Don’t Worry, the BBC Will Make Sure You Still Get Your Eurovision FixStill bringing you the to-be hits.
  29. pour one out
    Eurovision 2020: In MemoriamA tribute to the best 2020 Eurovision songs, now forever lost in time.
  30. eur-oh no
    Eurovision Canceled As Coronavirus Chips Away at Everything That Brings Us JoyIt’ll try again next year.
  31. casting
    Demi Lovato Returns to Movie-Musical Roots in Will Ferrell’s EurovisionFrom Camp Rock to Europe’s largest reality-singing competition.
  32. movies
    Eurovision Adds Pierce Brosnan As Iceland’s Handsomest ManBut that’s true in every country.
  33. eurovision 2019
    The Netherlands Win Eurovision 2019, While Madonna Generates ControversyMadonna’s performance angered both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  34. eurovision 2019
    Who Will Win Eurovision 2019?Consider this your primer to the greatest camp spectacle on earth with fraught geopolitical undertones.
  35. eurovision 2019
    If Eurovision 2019 Goes Smoothly, It’ll Be a MiracleWith Israel as host, this is almost certainly going to be one of the most controversial and tense installments of the event in its history.
  36. the flix
    Will Ferrell Is Going to Eurovision for NetflixHe’s writing and starring in a comedy about the competition.
  37. visionary affairs
    Eurovision’s Grand Finale Will Air Live in the U.S. for the First TimeOn Logo.
  38. eurovision
    Swedish Pop Singer Wins 60th Eurovision ContestHost country Austria earned zero points, even with a flaming piano.
  39. international idol
    Why You Should Care About (and Watch!) This Year’s Eurovision ContestYou get talented, and you get ridiculous.
  40. sunday reads
    Sunday Reads: Jonathan Franzen, D’Angelo, and Moonrise Kingdom PrepLong reads for your long weekend.
  41. clickables
    Listen to the Winning Ballad From Eurovision 2011Oh boy.
  42. allies
    Crystal Bowersox Is So Bummed She Can’t Compete on EurovisionBecause she would do okay.