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  1. ew
    Ex–Uber Employee Claims Others Tracked BeyoncéThe whistle-blower made these claims in official court documents.
  2. glorious returns
    EW Unveils Gilmore Girls Return CoverHaha, we’re all having a wonderful time, ladies, but what were the four final words?
  3. last night on late night
    Watch Fallon, Lopez Do Snapchat Faces on ‘Ew!’Ew, Gary!
  4. magazine covers
    Arya Got a Makeover on EW’s New Game of Thrones CoversAnd Tyrion has a beard!
  5. the good ol’ days
    See Lohan and Fallon Say ‘Ew!’ a Lot“Ewwwwwww.”
  6. clickables
    See the Parks and Recreation Cast’s Two Entertainment Weekly CoversPoor Adam Scott.
  7. clickables
    See a Preview for the Grossest Hoarders in A&E HistoryEw, sorry.
  8. Katherine Heigl’s Least Believable Excuses“Yes. [Laughs]”
  9. beef
    EW Slaps Warner Bros. With Year-End CoverAt last, revenge for screwing up its Fall Preview issue four months ago.