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Ex Machina

  1. a twenty-four
    The Cult of A24Since 2012, the studio has bred superfans, dropped swag, and perfected a singular house style. It’s also teetering on the verge of self-parody.
  2. into it
    A24 Knows How to Get People to Watch Its FilmsThe studio’s taste has made it successful, but its marketing is why it’s thriving.
  3. outrage calibration
    How Mad Should I Be About the Whitewashing in Annihilation?Oh, and remember Ex Machina?
  4. chat room
    Alicia Vikander on Playing a Feminist IconVikander is this year’s cinematic “It” girl.
  5. comic-book movies
    What Age of Ultron Could Learn From Ex MachinaSlow it down.
  6. american accents
    Which Foreign Actors Do the Best American Accents?And which actors … don’t?
  7. movies
    Why Ex Machina’s Take on Gender Is So AdvancedA combative conversation with the hit movie’s writer-director, Alex Garland.
  8. party chat
    Oscar Isaac Knows What You Think of His Beard“My beard appreciates it.”
  9. movie review
    Ex Machina Appears Original, But Turns Formulaic FastAlex Garland makes a half-dandy directorial debut.
  10. chat room
    Oscar Isaac on Ex Machina and the Secrecy of Star WarsWhen did he learn the name of the Star Wars movie he’s starring in?
  11. sxsw 2015
    A Sexy Ex Machina Robot Is Catfishing Guys on Tinder at SXSW“What makes you human?”
  12. trailer mix
    Ex Machina Is Like I, Robot, But If the Robots Were SexyStarring Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac.