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Explain Yourselves

  1. explain yourselves
    The Morning Show Was Supposed to Feel UnhingedFor season three, incoming showrunner Charlotte Stoudt wanted to replicate “what it was like to be alive while making that show.”
  2. explain yourselves
    The And Just Like That … Writers Knew Viewers Would Be Team SteveShowrunner Michael Patrick King and his co-writers dissect Big’s death, Samantha’s absence, and the Che Diaz of it all.
  3. finding dory
    How Search Party Landed on That Surreal Season 4 FinaleCreators Charles Rogers and Sarah Violet-Bliss explain why “there was no chance that this was going to be an easy season for Dory.”
  4. explain yourselves
    Sanditon’s Creators Know You’re Devastated About That EndingCharlotte and Sidney’s fate is not the ending any Austen fan would’ve hoped for, nor is it the ending producers wanted for the show.
  5. explain yourselves
    The Magicians Knew That Shocking Death Would Upset Fans. Here’s Why They Did It.“We don’t want to say anyone is right or wrong for having strong feelings about any element of this. We sympathize with everybody.”