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  1. no feet pics pls
    Ringo Starr Promotes Get Back Blu-Ray With New FootagePeace and love.
  2. stan culture
    The Bullying Allegations at the Center of HYBE’s Next Big K-Pop Group, ExplainedMonths after Korean forums accused Kim Garam of bullying, she appears to speak out for the first time.
  3. in the courtroom
    Talib Kweli Sues Jezebel Over ‘Emotional Distress’He cited a 2020 piece written about him.
  4. coming soon
    American Horror Story Finally Has Some Season 11 NewsCongratulations to the fan accounts that went on strike for one day.
  5. fly like a jet stream
    Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Is ‘Loaned Out Regularly,’ So Don’t Worry, Y’allShe was seen deplaning, hidden under an umbrella, just last month.
  6. a long talk
    The Cringe King of TikTok, 7 Weeks LaterJake Novak makes peace with his SNL audition video that went viral in all the wrong ways.
  7. purr
    Woman Yelling at Cat Joins Real Housewives of Orange County Season-17 CastThe RHOBH alum is the first-ever Housewife to switch franchises.
  8. summer of scam
    How Caroline Calloway’s Jump-Scare Cameo Ended Up in Not OkayWriter-director Quinn Shephard slid in her DMs “and we ended up drinking a lot of rosé together.”
  9. extremely online
    American Horror Story Fans Are Unionizing… against the creator’s busy schedule.
  10. american royalty
    Gwyneth Paltrow Says Nepotism Makes You ‘Work Twice As Hard’Seems like only celebrity kids want to work these days.
  11. extremely online
    Kylie Jenner and the Instagram Algorithm Are FightingBest friends to enemies …
  12. masters of press
    Keke Palmer’s Nope Press Tour Deserves an ArchiveMeme knowledge for generations to come.
  13. extremely online
    It’s Time to BeReal With These MemesThe best memes about the new social-media app.
  14. other people’s drama
    TikTok Is in Shambles Over Fletcher’s Messy Breakup Song“Becky’s So Hot” name-checks her ex’s current partner and wonders how she “tastes.”
  15. trendwatch
    Did The Adventure Zone Invent a New Drink of the Summer?High hopes for red wine + lime hard seltzer.
  16. extremely online
    Snooki Filmed a Cameo Trolling Republican Senate Candidate Dr. OzOn behalf of his Democratic opponent John Fetterman.
  17. beyaissance
    Beyoncé (and Her Music Catalogue) Are on TikTokBut it won’t be real until she does the Drop Challenge.
  18. now safe for work
    When Brands Got HornyFrom dick pics to anilingus to impregnated mascots, social marketing has entered its carnal era.
  19. there’s a tiktoker on the loose
    Crazed Kehlani Fan Accosts Unbothered Singer at a StarbucksThe former fan in question? Alt-right TikToker Christian Walker.
  20. silly goose
    Hugh Grant, Movie Prime Minister, Trolls Real Prime Minister’s ResignationSubterfHughge.
  21. hot topics
    Where Did the Wendy Williams Show YouTube Go?The channel, and associated websites, appear to have been scrubbed from the internet.
  22. rip
    Technoblade, Late Minecraft YouTuber, Honored by Gaming World“He will be missed dearly,” the official Minecraft account tweeted.
  23. let’s go grandmas
    Miles Teller Should Be the Next James Bond, Says Miles Teller’s Grandma“Miles is very proud of his genetic connection to the British Isles.”
  24. the claw
    Diving Headfirst Into Squishmallows at VidConTo Squish or not to Squish.
  25. extremely online
    A Timeline of the David Dobrik Allegations and ControversiesJeff Wittek threatens legal action, two years after the accident that nearly blinded him.
  26. last night on late night
    Watch Jimmy Fallon Demand Emma Chamberlain Explain Her Whole DealAnd also, what do you do?
  27. the killer
    An Ode to the Wendy Memes of ‘Hot Topics’Featuring Fartgate and actual tea.
  28. 199-none!
    Who Told Drake He Could Enter Azealia Banks’s House?When it comes to house music and rap, she can be the answer.
  29. music for a department store
    The Internet’s Divided on Drake’s New AlbumThe correct way to argue on the internet is through memes.
  30. corporate pride
    Gay Burger Says ‘Sorry, Gay’“Our strongest concern is if we offended members of the LGBTQ Community with this campaign.”
  31. profile
    Silly Little FreakoThe “Megan Stalter character” is its own comedy genre now. Where does the real person end and her personae begin?
  32. characters welcome
    Brian Jordan Alvarez Is Making an FX Comedy Pilot, You Guy!Surprised he’s making this for TV instead of releasing it straight to screens on “Pelotom.”
  33. da vinki?!
    The Da Vinki Twins Finally Saw the Mona LisaBut does the Mona Lisa see them right back?
  34. crypto bros
    Seth Green Gets Scammed Out of His Show’s Main CharacterA Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT named Fred …
  35. comics
    ‘Hunter x Hunter’ Creator Mysteriously Joins Twitter, Teases New InstallmentsA cryptic tweet from Yoshihiro Togashi surprised fans after his four-year hiatus.
  36. women
    Casting Directors, Behold: Anne Hathaway and ZendayaTheir Paolo Sorrentino–directed ad deserves to be a sexy lesbian thriller.
  37. extremely online
    Halsey Goes Viral in an Attempt to Avoid Going ‘Fake’ Viral on TikTokClaiming their label won’t let them release a new song yet.
  38. that’s gossip
    This Newsletter Just Revealed DeuxMoi’s Probable IdentityWho gossips the gossip girls?
  39. burners
    A Celebration of Life for Margot Robbie’s Alleged Letterboxd AccountFans found an account appearing to belong to the Barbie star … then it went dark.
  40. we’re far from the shallow now
    Teal Swan Documentary Will Usher in the Summer of CultsThe Deep End airs on Freeform as part of its new docuseries slate.
  41. you didn’t hear it from me
    Hot Goss: DeuxMoi Is Becoming a TV ShowThe gossip account’s debut novel isn’t even out yet and it’s getting adapted.
  42. not this
    Drake Better Not Have Started Something With ‘I’m Here for U Ma’It’s kind of a reverse-Northman situation.
  43. live your star wars story
    The George Lucas Talk Show Moves to Paul Scheer’s Twitch NetworkZed Zazzo lives.
  44. everyone’s a critic
    Viola Davis Defends Her ‘Bold Choices’ in Portraying Michelle Obama“Not everything is going to be an awards-worthy performance,” says the critically acclaimed actress.
  45. hangovers
    Okay, But Can Haim Actually Sing the ‘Hungover’ Song on Tour?“No but we’re actually gonna perform this.”
  46. friendship (drake’s version)
    Drake’s Photo of Taylor Swift Has to Mean SomethingNew music? Old music?! Dating?!?
  47. extremely online
    Kurtis Conner Finally Watched It (the Pinocchio Movie)Featuring a diss track to the strange wooden puppet.
  48. das ist gut
    Man Buys Twitter to Deny Getting Turned Away From BerghainThere goes the neighborhood.
  49. girlbossery
    Elizabeth Holmes’s Old Tweets Are Miraculously Still UpIt’s like watching The Dropout unfold in real time … on Twitter … with 100 percent more Margaret Thatcher quotes.
  50. paw patrol
    Jena Malone Hits a Reverse-Paw Patrol, Performs Citizen’s Arrest to Rescue a DogEither the reporter didn’t recognize her or they’re being, y’know, super chill about it.
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