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  1. extremely online
    Serving Memes in a God-Honoring Way: How Online Were You in May?Ever wondered what the rest of that fox tattoo looked like?
  2. hard mode
    So You Want to Beat Tears of the Kingdom in 75 Minutes …The speedrunner Gymnast86 shares the techniques and mind-set that helped him set the game’s first fastest-time record. (Now broken.) (Many times.)
  3. extremely online
    Matt Damon Doesn’t Get Barbie vs. OppenheimerHe wouldn’t last a day on stan Twitter.
  4. more like big why country
    Montana Becomes First State to Ban TikTokThe app fought back with a lawsuit.
  5. extremely… offline?
    TikTok Stitches Montana Ban With a LawsuitThe app is suing Montana’s statewide ban and citing the violation of the First Amendment.
  6. bad news
    Hank Green Shares Cancer Diagnosis in a VlogPlease share ideas for emotionless but fun TV shows, movies, and video games.
  7. america decides
    Robert De Niro and Al Pacino Hottie Debate Sows Division, HorninessIt’s literally a trade war.
  8. extremely online
    Hear Ye, the Tears of the Kingdom Memes Have ArrivedVia exploding cart.
  9. extremely online
    The Internet Has Found Out About Network TelevisionHe’s a doctor. He’s good. He’s a surgeon. You got that?
  10. extremely online
    Dianna Agron on Those Taylor Swift Rumors: ‘That’s Funny’Speak Now (Dianna’s Version).
  11. extremely online
    Writers Have Seized the Memes of ProductionGet some laughs in while we wait for Hollywood to come to the table with a serious offer.
  12. extremely online
    How Online Were You in April?From Bud Light bullies to DIY water.
  13. keeping it classy
    Concertgoer Allegedly Orgasms While L.A. Philharmonic Plays Tchaikovsky’s 5thClassical music is horny?
  14. come and get it
    Keeping an Eye Out for SelenerA timeline of Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, and Selena Gomez’s love triangle.
  15. unentangled
    Red Table Talk Gets Kicked to the Curb by FacebookAs the website ends original programming.
  16. extremely online
    SnoopyTok’s Favorite Sister Has ReturnedAfter 20 days of being grounded, the high schooler is back making viral TikTok edits of the beloved beagle for her hundreds of thousands of fans.
  17. fake drake
    No, Drake Didn’t Drop a New Song With the WeekndAn AI-curious tech company might have, though.
  18. unverified
    Millionaires Are Not Into Paying for Twitter VerificationAnd they’re tweeting about it.
  19. extremely online
    He’s a Lofi Boy in a Lofi WorldThere’s lore behind Lofi Girl’s new synthwave avatar.
  20. bye bye
    All the Companies Suspending Their TweetsAs a result of the platform’s uncertainty, post Elon Musk.
  21. where’s the beef?
    Bob the Drag Queen and Mistress Isabelle Brooks’s Beef Is Read, Written, PostedSo whose diss track packed more heat?
  22. hot stuff
    Kieran Culkin Might Enter a Post-Succession Depression“It feels like there’s so much more I wanted to do,” he said on Hot Ones, “which is probably a good thing.”
  23. floor is lava
    Sneaky Little Gremlin Taylor Swift Finds New Hidey-holeNo, nothing good starts in a janitor cart!
  24. time to log off
    This is a Gay Test: How Online Were You in March?Score yourself on a scale from “Representative Richard Hudson’s home Wi-Fi network” to “JasperTok.”
  25. child’s play
    This Barbie Is Now a MemeWhat Twitter was doing while Trump got arrested.
  26. stan culture
    Phoebe Bridgers Says Stans ‘F- - -ing Bullied’ Her Over Bo Burnham PhotosShe was pictured with the comedian on the way to her father’s funeral.
  27. war is over
    Stop the Violence! Selena Gomez Calls Truce With Hailey Bieber“I’ve always advocated for kindness and really want this all to stop.”
  28. it’s not about the pasta
    Unpacking the Deep Pasta Lore in Romy Mars’s TikTokThe celebrity-pasta iceberg goes so much deeper than you think.
  29. extremely online
    Twitter SwarmedAll the buzz about Donald Glover and Janine Nabers’s new show.
  30. respect the classics
    Jack White Has a Poetic Response to Those Meg White CriticismsLiterally. He wrote a poem to defend his former White Stripes drummer and ex-wife.
  31. dinner party
    What’s the Point of Empathy? A Long Conversation With F.D Signifier.From Ja Morant to Chris Rock and Will Smith, tropes about Black men in America are playing out in the national media.
  32. huh
    TikTok’s Favorite Celebrity Couple Is Kim Kardashian and Michael CeraJust because it never happened doesn’t mean they can’t get back together.
  33. trailer mix
    All the Rumours About Daisy Jones & the SixThe best musical instrument is a love triangle.
  34. rapid descent
    Let’s Do the Thing: How Online Were You in February 2023?On a scale of laminated-eyebrow drama to Lemon Lady Secrets.
  35. extremely online
    Selena Gomez Decides She’s ‘Too Old’ for This TikTok DramaShe has announced a break from social media, so don’t expect more comments on the Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner situation.
  36. but where’s the album?
    Addison Rae to Release Thanksgiving Thriller Instead of an AlbumDirected by Eli Roth. (Where is AR1?)
  37. r9 who?
    Best Rihanna Memes From the Fenty BowlCue product placement.
  38. leave britney alone
    Britney Spears Says She Isn’t Dying, She’s Making ‘Homemade Lasagna’“No folks, it’s not 2007 …”
  39. stop playing
    Melanie Lynskey Shuts Down a Complaining Last of Us FanWho said the actor’s body type didn’t fit her character.
  40. grammys 2023
    Twitter Agrees: Ben Affleck Should’ve Stayed at Dunkin’A sad caffeine-free night at the Grammys.
  41. touch grass
    GloRilla Drops a PSAWatch out for them “Internet Trolls.”
  42. mother
    Paris Hilton Is Literally MotherNo, like, really.
  43. i call shade
    Trixie Mattel Battles Drag Race Stan in the Twitter ColiseumGeorge Santos had fun at a festival and watching All Stars 3.
  44. celebrity cookbook
    Jack McBrayer Tried to Eat Alexander Skarsgård’s Kidney While on VacationAnd, no, it’s not the plot of White Lotus season three.
  45. ennui
    Prince Timothée Chalamet Yearns to Be a Part of Apple TV+His blockbusters and perfect cheekbones aren’t enough.
  46. my collab with my bf is dropping
    Charli XCX Invaded Caroline Polachek’s IslandWith her BF, the 1975’s George Daniel.
  47. extremely online
    Jennifer Coolidge Imparts a TikTok Tribute to Another Jennifer“Hi …”
  48. my single is dropping
    J. Cole Googles Self, Drops New Song“procrastination (broke)” is a collab between Cole and producer bvtman.
  49. the rom-com is back!
    Amelia Dimoldenberg and Andrew Garfield Must Keep Meeting Like ThisThe world is teehee-ing.
  50. my single is dropping
    Shakira Turned Her ‘BZRP Music Session’ Into a Diss Track for Her Ex-Husband“A she-wolf like me is not for rookies.”
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