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  1. last night on late night
    Watch Jimmy Fallon Demand Emma Chamberlain Explain Her Whole DealAnd also, what do you do?
  2. the killer
    An Ode to the Wendy Memes of ‘Hot Topics’Featuring Fartgate and actual tea.
  3. 199-none!
    Who Told Drake He Could Enter Azealia Banks’s House?When it comes to house music and rap, she can be the answer.
  4. music for a department store
    The Internet’s Divided on Drake’s New AlbumThe correct way to argue on the internet is through memes.
  5. corporate pride
    Gay Burger Says ‘Sorry, Gay’“Our strongest concern is if we offended members of the LGBTQ Community with this campaign.”
  6. profile
    Silly Little FreakoThe “Megan Stalter character” is its own comedy genre now. Where does the real person end and her personae begin?
  7. characters welcome
    Brian Jordan Alvarez Is Making an FX Comedy Pilot, You Guy!Surprised he’s making this for TV instead of releasing it straight to screens on “Pelotom.”
  8. da vinki?!
    The Da Vinki Twins Finally Saw the Mona LisaBut does the Mona Lisa see them right back?
  9. crypto bros
    Seth Green Gets Scammed Out of His Show’s Main CharacterA Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT named Fred …
  10. comics
    ‘Hunter x Hunter’ Creator Mysteriously Joins Twitter, Teases New InstallmentsA cryptic tweet from Yoshihiro Togashi surprised fans after his four-year hiatus.
  11. women
    Casting Directors, Behold: Anne Hathaway and ZendayaTheir Paolo Sorrentino–directed ad deserves to be a sexy lesbian thriller.
  12. extremely online
    Halsey Goes Viral in an Attempt to Avoid Going ‘Fake’ Viral on TikTokClaiming their label won’t let them release a new song yet.
  13. that’s gossip
    This Newsletter Just Revealed DeuxMoi’s Probable IdentityWho gossips the gossip girls?
  14. burners
    A Celebration of Life for Margot Robbie’s Alleged Letterboxd AccountFans found an account appearing to belong to the Barbie star … then it went dark.
  15. we’re far from the shallow now
    Teal Swan Documentary Will Usher in the Summer of CultsThe Deep End airs on Freeform as part of its new docuseries slate.
  16. you didn’t hear it from me
    Hot Goss: DeuxMoi Is Becoming a TV ShowThe gossip account’s debut novel isn’t even out yet and it’s getting adapted.
  17. not this
    Drake Better Not Have Started Something With ‘I’m Here for U Ma’It’s kind of a reverse-Northman situation.
  18. live your star wars story
    The George Lucas Talk Show Moves to Paul Scheer’s Twitch NetworkZed Zazzo lives.
  19. everyone’s a critic
    Viola Davis Defends Her ‘Bold Choices’ in Portraying Michelle Obama“Not everything is going to be an awards-worthy performance,” says the critically acclaimed actress.
  20. hangovers
    Okay, But Can Haim Actually Sing the ‘Hungover’ Song on Tour?“No but we’re actually gonna perform this.”
  21. friendship (drake’s version)
    Drake’s Photo of Taylor Swift Has to Mean SomethingNew music? Old music?! Dating?!?
  22. extremely online
    Kurtis Conner Finally Watched It (the Pinocchio Movie)Featuring a diss track to the strange wooden puppet.
  23. das ist gut
    Man Buys Twitter to Deny Getting Turned Away From BerghainThere goes the neighborhood.
  24. girlbossery
    Elizabeth Holmes’s Old Tweets Are Miraculously Still UpIt’s like watching The Dropout unfold in real time … on Twitter … with 100 percent more Margaret Thatcher quotes.
  25. paw patrol
    Jena Malone Hits a Reverse-Paw Patrol, Performs Citizen’s Arrest to Rescue a DogEither the reporter didn’t recognize her or they’re being, y’know, super chill about it.
  26. waterworld 2
    New Yorkers Guess The Northman’s Plot Based on Untitled Subway Posters“Vikings who are going through a really tough time.”
  27. summoning help
    The YouTubers Who Kindled the Fire for Elden RingFromSoftware’s games may deliver relentless death, but their online community gives players new life.
  28. celebs react
    Hollywood Reacts to the SlapDenzel Washington addressed the slap and elaborated on his advice to Will Smith that night.
  29. apologies
    Pachinko Star Jin Ha Apologizes for His Old Creep-Shot Tumblr“My ‘Korean Flowers in Bloom’ Tumblr account from 2011 should not have been made at all.”
  30. russia invasion
    The Comedians Keeping Jokes Alive in Wartime UkraineOne of the mainstay shows at the country’s biggest comedy club is still thriving — on YouTube.
  31. trailer mix
    One of the Instagays From The Other Two Is Starring in a TV Show for GrindrBridesman rolls out on the app beginning April 1 — no joke.
  32. r.i.p.
    R.I.P. Mr. GIFStephen Wilhite, the creator of the GIF, was 74.
  33. sorry to these men
    Britney Spears Doesn’t Know Who These Men AreGood for her.
  34. stormi you look like mommy baby
    Kylie Jenner Says Son’s Name ‘Isn’t Wolf Anymore’ After Vlogging DebutThe news comes just after his cinematic debut in “To Our Son.”
  35. ☘️
    Nancy Pelosi Outdoes Herself, Introduces Riverdance“What, you like that, father?”
  36. extremely online
    Ye Has Been Suspended From Instagram for 24 HoursMeta also removed several of his posts.
  37. renegades
    Behold, the TikTokification of the Cannes Film FestivalTikTok short films get their own “global competition.”
  38. family matters
    Grimes Has Been Hiding a Second Child (and Breakup) With Elon MuskTheir daughter got a slightly more pronounceable name than X Æ A-12.
  39. last night on late night
    Dua Lipa Teaches Jimmy Fallon Her ‘Don’t Start Now’ TikTok DanceShe did, in fact, do a full 180.
  40. r s t l n e
    Wheel of Fortune Contestants Have Another Feather, Don’t Know Where to Put itAnd Pat Sajak came to their defense like a K_NG.
  41. underrated
    The ‘Incredible Treasure Chest’ of Homestar RunnerMurderville’s Krister Johnson on the website that inspired him to create stupid comedy thoughtfully.
  42. log off
    You Can Post 10-Minute Videos on TikTok NowBut please don’t.
  43. kim there’s people that are dying
    AnnaLynne McCord Has Some (Spoken) Words for PutinWhy? “I know I could easily have moved in the direction of becoming a dictator myself,” she says in an interview.
  44. the yellowjackets diet
    We’re Concerned About Heidi Montag’s Iron LevelsShe’s eating raw liver and “bulls’ balls” on main.
  45. buckingham fallacy
    Hollywood Unlocked Admits Queen Elizabeth II Is Alive“I can say my sources got this wrong …”
  46. extremely online
    And the Early #OscarsFanFavorite Front-Runner Is… Camila Cabello?Or maybe the Snyder Cut? It’s early days.
  47. all too well (jake’s version)
    Jake Gyllenhaal Isn’t Calling Swifties Cyberbullies But …“It has nothing to do with me.”
  48. what a wonderful wordle
    Under New York Times Ownership, Wordle Is Less Communal, Less SwearyGendered insults, certain cusses, and a shared reality are OUT.
  49. vulture investigates
    Does Euphoria’s Angus Cloud Really Use Twitter?Vulture investigates.
  50. how they did it
    What Does a Celebrity Social-Media Manager Actually Do?How to get ahead in showbiz without doing showbiz.
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