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  1. character guide
    Every Member of the Fast & Furious Family Invited to the Fast X CookoutThe relatives, friends, and foes-turned-frenemies of F&F’s sprawling crew.
  2. slipstreaming
    Where to Watch Every Fast & Furious Thing Right NowCatch up on the franchise a quarter-mile at a time.
  3. height in hollywood
    F9 Makes Dom Toretto Canonically TallThanks to the power of flashback casting!
  4. chat room
    Tyrese Gibson Is Glad He Got Talked Into Going to Space in Fast 9“I had to ask them, were they serious? Then I asked them again.”
  5. f is for family
    Cardi B’s Cameo in F9, ExplainedShe plays “Cara’s sister” in the action sequel. But wait — who’s Cara?
  6. musicals
    Pop Sensation Vin Diesel Wants to Do a Fast & Furious Musical“I’m dying to do a musical!”
  7. cars go smash
    A Desperate Attempt to Make Sense of Life, Death, and the Fast FamilyNotes on F9, and incest, from someone who hasn’t seen any of the other movies.
  8. role call
    Chad Lindberg Answers Every Question We Have About The Fast and the FuriousOn the 20th anniversary of the unlikely start of the now-monster franchise, the actor thinks it’s time to #BringJesseBack.
  9. the fast and the furious
    F9’s Space Scenes Began as a Joke. Then NASA Got Involved.Can a Pontiac Fiero survive in the stratosphere? Don’t worry, director Justin Lin checked.
  10. movie review
    F9 Brings an Improbably Good Gearhead Daddy-Issues Opera HomeCinéma, it lives.
  11. cardi be acting
    Cardi B Is Coming Back for F10Only dimes in F10.
  12. trailer mix
    We Hope Their Family Sprung for Car Insurance in the F9 TrailerBut does it cover … space?
  13. super bowl lv
    Relive Every 2021 Super Bowl TrailerThe fam’s getting back together in F9.
  14. movies
    Fast & Furious Franchise to Drive Into the Sunset After Two More FilmsJustin Lin will likely direct.
  15. the replacements
    Wanted to See F9 This Weekend? Try These 5 Movies Instead.Death Proof, the original The Italian Job, and more.
  16. movies
    F9 Pushes Release Date for Coronavirus, Justice for Han Delayed Until Next YearProtect the Family.
  17. trailer mix
    Listen Don’t Panic But the F9 Trailer Has a Shocking TwistAnd we don’t mean Charlize Theron’s bowl cut.