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  1. face/on
    A New Face/Off Is On at ParamountBut if no one shouts “I’m Castor Troy!,” is it even a Face/Off?
  2. From Face/Off to A Better Tomorrow: A John Woo PrimerIn anticipation of Manhunt’s release, we review some of the Hong Kong filmmaker’s iconic work.
  3. movies
    Johnny Depp Passed on Face/Off Because It Was Not a Movie About HockeyThankfully, this gave us the masterpiece we have today.
  4. in praise of
    Why Aren’t You Watching Face Off?Not the Nicolas Cage movie.
  5. favorites!
    In Praise of Face OffIt’s the least petty reality competition program, ever.
  6. 90s nostalgia
    John Travolta Just Too Amorphous to ImitateUnlike Nicolas Cage, who is a breeze.
  7. the best of tv
    The 10 Best TV Shows You (Probably) Didn’t Watch This SeasonSome heavy dramas. And some insane reality shows, too.
  8. face off
    Who Was the Time 100 Gala’s Best Friend: Lena Dunham or Amy Poehler?We went through the photos to decide.
  9. face off
    Clint and Invisible Obama: A Good Comedy Team?Do they make a better half-visible duo than Calvin and Hobbes? Elwood and Harvey the rabbit?
  10. face off
    See a Poster for a Jack Donaghy vs. Ron Swanson Boxing MatchA real heavyweight bout.
  11. face off
    Chris Evans Tries to Steal the Cover-Story Crown From Channing TatumWith his rambunctious, flirtatious new ‘GQ’ profile.
  12. face off
    Count the Jokes and Scenes that The Hangover Part II Reprised from The HangoverComforting or uninspired?
  13. face off
    Britney Spears vs. Justin Timberlake: Who’s Got the Better Acting Résumé?With ‘Glee’ and ‘The Social Network’ on the horizon, it’s time to pit the pop stars against each other.
  14. face off
    The Greatest Rapper Alive: Jay-Z vs. EminemWith the two playing Yankee Stadium tonight, we take the time out to figure out who reigns supreme.
  15. face off
    Broken Social Scene vs. New PornographersThey both have new albums coming out May 4. Can we get a sales showdown, please?
  16. face off
    Just How Similar Are Owl City and the Postal Service?On the eve of Owl City’s new tour, we examine the commonalities.