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Fact Checking

  1. We Asked Bill Nye to Do Some Meme Fact-Checking and He Did Not DisappointBut what does he really think about aliens?
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    Pablo Escobar’s Son Has 28 Problems With Narcos“Grave errors”!
  3. Will Book Publishers Ever Start Fact-checking? They’re Already Starting.The practice of checking books is fairly common, though it’s also expensive. This fall, for the first time, one publisher is even promising to pay for it.
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    There Are So Many Things Wrong With This Ariana Grande Star Wars VideoIf you’re gonna do Star Wars, do it right.
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    How Far Was Rocky’s Famous Run in Rocky II?Soooooooooo far.
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    Girls Finale: How Long Did Adam’s Romantic Run Probably Take?Explained with gifs!
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    Checking Django Unchained’s Historical MarkersDid anyone wear sunglasses, let alone ex-slaves?
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    Kanye Actually Did Hang Out With George TenetBut they did not discuss Maybachs.
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    How Does Christian Bale Compare to the Real Person He Plays in The Fighter?He’s skinnier, balder, and more intense.
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    The Wrap Gets DupedWe can’t wait to see what Nikki Finke is going to say about this.