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  1. family
    Stepping in to Finish Directing Fast X Wasn’t Stressful at All, No SirLouis Leterrier recalls going pale when asked to take over for Justin Lin, afraid of becoming the “guy who destroyed the Fast and Furious franchise.”
  2. coming soon
    Brie Larson Is Joining the Fast 10 FamilyVin Diesel broke the news on Instagram.
  3. statements
    Kim Kardashian Asks for ‘Compassion’ Amid Kanye West’s Mental Health Struggles“Those who are close with Kanye know his heart and understand his words some times do not align with his intentions.”
  4. deaths
    Melissa Etheridge’s Son, Beckett Cypher, Dies At 21“Today I joined the hundreds of thousands of families who have lost loved ones to opioid addiction.”
  5. new dad alert!
    Anderson Cooper Announces Birth of Son, Transitions From Zaddy to DaddyWelcome to the world, Wyatt Morgan Cooper!
  6. viral
    BBC Dad Returns for Very 2020 Interview About Working From Home Amid CoronavirusAnd yes, the kids are still adorable and chaotic.
  7. coronavirus
    Sesame Workshop Launches Resource Site for Stuck-at-Home Kids (and Bored Adults)Elmo teaches you how to wash your hands.
  8. family
    Fast and Furious Cartoon Explodes Through Wall, Drifts Into Netflix QueueOr as DreamWorks should call it, Teenage Mutant Tony Toretto.
  9. Where Does the Family TV Show Go From Here?From The Waltons to Roseanne 2.0.
  10. saturday night live
    Adele Will Get Your Family Through ThanksgivingEach unhappy family sings along to “Someone Like You” in its own way.
  11. Why My Anime Girlfriend is Much Cooler Than My Stepmom Brenda, by Devin […]Having an anime girlfriend is the coolest thing in the world! My girlfriend Kukuru Megumi is the most awesome character on my favorite anime TV […]
  12. The Greatest Joke Ever“You know my favorite. It’s your favorite too,” my Bubbe said to me with the same rascally grin she had when she first told me our favorite […]
  13. Family Meeting About Jason, Who is Back From the Dead, by Matthew JohnsonHello everyone. I’m glad we were all able to make some time in our busy schedules for this family meeting. Are we all comfortable? Did you get […]
  14. The Family’s New Coat of Arms, by Jake TuckThanks for coming to the unveiling of the new Pepperton family coat of arms, the updated representation of our clan’s history and values. I […]
  15. Every Advantage, by Nick TaylorWhen I was five minutes old, my father gave my umbilical cord to a man in a pinstriped suit, who was waiting in the hall. “He’s going to bank […]
  16. Adam Sandler’s Next Movie Will Be About a Blended FamilyAdam Sandler has signed on to star in a new untitled comedy about a blended family, Deadline reports. The movie follows Jim and Lauren, who go […]
  17. A Funny Thing: Kate Tellers Gets Handsy During Thanksgiving DinnerThis week on A Funny Thing, a story from comedian and storyteller Kate Tellers about the time she put on a corset, impersonated an Astor, and […]
  18. Your Guide to Distracting Yourself From Your Family with Comedy This […]It’s the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which means lots of travel and lots of family time. It’s a double-edged sword: it’s always nice to see […]