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  1. annihilation
    Bring Xmas to Area X With This Jolly Annihilation Gingerbread Lighthouse*Horrifying alien bass note, but merry*
  2. roll clip!
    Fassbender and McAvoy Make Living Sexy Fan ArtIf only the X-Men movies had more tandem bike rides through Paris …
  3. fake video games
    Here’s Stranger Things As an 8-Bit Video GameDon’t worry: There is a tiny pixelated wig.
  4. fan art
    Artist Draws a Huge Game of Thrones Direwolf on a Snowy MountainWinter is coming.
  5. How Gay-Themed South Park Fan Art Wound Up on the ShowTalking to the Tumblr and DeviantArt users who were surprised to see their work on South Park.
  6. fan art
    Some Hero Drew Game of Thrones People As Bob’s Burgers PeopleGang’s all here.
  7. A 3D Animator Has Created an Impressively Realistic ‘Futurama’ WorldRussian animator Alexey Zakharov recently decided to recreate the Planet Express Ship from Futurama, and the result is pretty impressive. Check […]
  8. fan art
    Watch Community Cast Members Get Tested on Community Fan ArtSo many drawings of Abed in love with men.
  9. fan art
    Check Out a Poster of Every Futurama CharacterIt’s thorough.
  10. iron man
    What If Sandra Bullock Played Iron Man?What, no goatee?
  11. This Documentary Will Make You Sad You Missed the ‘Community’ Art Show Here’s a new documentary about “Six Seasons and a Movie,” an art show composed entirely of Community fan art that was held at LA’s PixelDrip […]
  12. breaking bad
    Check Out Bryan Cranston Impressively Sketched in Ink Onto One Lady’s ThighNaturally, the drawing was posted on a site that delivers “dementia and nonsense for the masses.”
  13. community
    Watch a Video About a Community-Themed Fan Art Show at an L.A. GalleryAll the Internet’s hard work in real life!
  14. breaking bad
    See Fan-Made Breaking Bad Posters by EpisodeDude’s just getting started (literally).
  15. ‘Community’ #FourSeasonsAndAnArtShowLA’s PixelDrop Gallery will be housing an art show inspired by Community on June 23rd and 24th, entitled appropriately enough, “Six Seasons and […]
  16. fan art
    Watch PBS’s Off Book Delve Into the World of Fan ArtYou guys know women like this stuff too, right?
  17. mad men
    See a Mad Men Family PortraitSure, they may look happy …
  18. disney
    See a Series of Fake Magazine Covers Featuring Disney PrincesYour favorite two-dimensional hunks invade the print editorial arena, thereby destroying your childhood.