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Fatal Attraction

  1. cannes 2023
    Michael Douglas Is the Expert on Movie Sex Scenes, According to Michael Douglas“You put your hand here and then we’re going to go kiss, kiss, and then we’re going to go down.”
  2. mortal kombat voice: fatality!
    There’s No Red Button You Can ‘Push’ to Stop Fatal Attraction“I think you pull it,” Joshua Jackson says to Lizzy Caplan sensually.
  3. it’s coming
    When Sex Was Bad for You (and You Wanted It Anyway)Erotic thrillers are dead, but the conversations they started aren’t even close to climax.
  4. it’s coming
    What Was It About Michael Douglas?As the go-to fall guy in erotic thrillers, the actor represented the ultimate boomer avatar: the male ego under siege.
  5. it’s coming
    22 Signs You’re Watching an Erotic ThrillerIf you see Michael Douglas, sex negativity, or vertical blinds, you’re in the right wrong place.
  6. it’s coming
    Hollywood Has No Idea What to Do With the Erotic ThrillerThe industry is still nervous about sex on big screens, leaving streamers to struggle to reboot a genre that died too young.
  7. paramount+
    All the Old Paramount Movies Are Becoming New Paramount+ ShowsThe streaming service is developing shows based on Love Story, Fatal Attraction, Parallax View, and more.
  8. the art of ending things
    A Brief History of the Alternate Movie Endings Lost to TimeThat is, until a few of them made their way onto DVDs as bonus material.
  9. vulture lists
    The Revenge Thrillers That Inspired Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3From Fatal Attraction to Swimfan.