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  1. election 2020
    Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Has Been Boarded UpMetaphorical.
  2. ‘Fear’ Is One of Kendrick Lamar’s Best Tracks to DateIt wouldn’t be true Kendrick Lamar if he didn’t bring up the most problematic problem.
  3. No, Your Ruse Did Not Scare Me, Despite Evidence to the Contrary, by Andy […] Ho ho, I see you’re up to your old tricks, Nathan. Popping out out from behind a corner, yelling “Boo!” and hoping to offer me up a great […]
  4. Celebrate Fear with Aidy Bryant and ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ TonightThe Chris Gethard Show’s fourth episode airs on Fusion tonight with special guest Aidy Bryant, and it’s gonna be super spooky! This week’s […]
  5. vulture lists
    All 32 Reese Witherspoon Movies, Ranked by WildnessBecause of that new movie … what’s the name again?
  6. We’re Going to Need More Men, by Chason GordonWhoa, whoa, do you know who we’re dealing with here? This is no regular guy. Those men you sent in—they’re already dead. Arrange catering for […]
  7. nostalgia
    Let’s Not Forget What Reese Did in FearShe and Mark Wahlberg did some very crazy things. 
  8. fear
    Jimmy Fallon Really Hates T-Shirt Cannons“No one wants a T-shirt.”
  9. phobias
    See a Woman With a Crippling Fear of SnowmenWow, Maury Povich suddenly sounds so regal!
  10. The Open Mic DiariesI’ve always wanted to go back to stand-up. Well, “go back” is probably an overstatement. I did a few low-grade open mics around San Francisco […]
  11. the future is coming
    Choose Your Own Music-Video AdventureThe executive responsible for “Who Let the Dogs Out?” finds a new way to drive Americans nuts.
  12. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Does Stephen Colbert Fear Conan?Plus, Naomi Watts sits quietly while Jon Stewart mocks co-star Sean Penn, on our regular late-night roundup.