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  1. records
    Morgan Wallen’s One Thing at a Time Breaks 30-Year RecordSurpassing Taylor Swift’s Fearless.
  2. remember that time
    Taylor Swift Playing a Dead Body on CSI Sums Up Her Entire BrandThe guest spot marks one of the first instances in Swift’s long-standing pattern of depicting experimentation as essential to self-discovery.
  3. wyd tn? (taylor’s version)
    A Brief History of Taylor Swift’s Horniest SongsHorniness is well documented within the Taylor Swift Musical Universe.
  4. grammys (taylor’s version)
    Fearless (Taylor’s Version) Won’t Earn Taylor Swift Any More GrammysShe plans to focus on evermore at this year’s awards.
  5. charts (taylor’s version)
    Taylor Swift’s Fearless Is a No. 1 Album AgainThe first-ever No. 1 album of rerecorded material.
  6. vulture guides
    Wait, What Are Taylor Swift’s Fearless Songs About Again?Get in Swifties, we’re going back to 2008.
  7. the inside track
    ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’ Is a Perfect Specimen of the Old TaylorIt’s the sort of classic Swiftian breakup song we haven’t heard in years.
  8. music
    Baby Just Say Yes … to These Fearless (Taylor’s Version) Easter EggsTake our hand as we drag you headfirst, fearless.
  9. taylor swift
    Taylor Swift Releases 6 New Tracks From the Vault, As a TreatIncluding standout features from Keith Urban and Maren Morris.
  10. my old album is dropping
    Taylor Swift’s First Rerecorded Album, Fearless, Is Out NowJust 2008 things.
  11. the rerecordings
    Taylor Swift Announces Fearless (Taylor’s Version) Tracklist (Decoded Version)We cracked the codes, the vault is open.
  12. new music
    Taylor Swift Brings Previously Unreleased ‘You All Over Me’ Out of the VaultFeaturing vocals by Maren Morris.
  13. Exploring Every Taylor Swift Album and Song So FarWriting on everything she’s released
  14. fandom
    Checking In With Taylor Swift’s No. 1 Fan“Every time I’ve met her it’s because I’ve made a video to get her attention, so it seems to be working.”
  15. close looks
    Why Are Netflix Documentaries Obsessed With Slow-Motion Footage?Especially when it comes to filming men.
  16. Watch the Intense Trailer for Fearless, Netflix’s Bull-Riding DocuseriesYee-haw.
  17. music
    Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ Music Video: She Wants You to Know Just How Much Her Fans Love HerMakes the “aw-shucks” stuff fall a little flat.