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  1. stand-up
    For Ramy Youssef, All Roads Lead Back to Stand-upTalking with the comedian about his Hulu series and new HBO special.
  2. feelings
    Find Out What Happened to Killmonger’s Mom and Sob Your Way to the WeekendHe had a lot to be angry about.
  3. last night on late night
    Meet the Sound Guy Who Can’t Stop Openly Weeping During This Is UsJimmy Fallon goes behind the scenes on TV’s crying-est show.
  4. feelings
    Here’s How Killer Mike Feels About Confederate FlagsEssentially, he’d like people to stop drinking Traitorade.
  5. feelings
    Watch a New Clip From Pixar’s Inside OutThe clip is really, really good.
  6. feelings
    Found: The Tumblr of Charlie From GirlsHe’s never coming back. But what has he been up to?
  7. feelings
    Why You Should Be Watching the French TV Miniseries The ReturnedThe Sundance show hits its halfway point tonight with its fourth episode.
  8. feelings
    Donald Glover Was Just ‘Expressing Himself’ in Dark Instagram NotesHe’s not depressed, he was venting.
  9. feelings
    Read Donald Glover’s Handwritten Notes About Leaving CommunityHe also talks about his new record, Tyrese, porn, and mortality. 
  10. feelings
    When Amy Poehler Cries, We All CryShe wants to save orphans. Don’t you?
  11. feelings
    Here Is Drake’s Nothing Was the Same If It Were Written in EmojiDrake has emoji feelings.
  12. feelings
    Turns Out It Is Still Possible to Feel Sorry for KanyeJay-Z “Big Brothers” him again.
  13. feelings
    Willow Smith’s Teen Angst Phase Has BegunOh boy.
  14. feelings
    Adele Makes James Bond Cry TooHe loves “Skyfall.”
  15. feelings
    Fiona Apple Has Some Words for Perez Hilton“Lay off with that stuff because it hurts my feelings.”
  16. feelings
    So This Rihanna-Oprah Interview Is Going to Be EmotionalThere’s crying.