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Fifty Shades Darker

  1. We Asked a Gynecologist About That Ice-Cream Scene in Fifty Shades FreedHow will dairy affect Ana’s pH levels? And why is she using such old-timey birth control?
  2. sex and math
    Every Sex Scene in the Fifty Shades Movies, QuantifiedJust how much kinkiness can you expect from this franchise?
  3. Anastasia Steele Is the Enemy of the Written WordThere are too many naked scenes for you to notice, but in Fifty Shades, Ana single-handedly dismantles the literary scene of the Pacific Northwest.
  4. 49 Things We’ll Miss About the Fifty Shades FranchiseIncluding Ana getting fingered to Van Morrison, the very bad wall art, and Christian’s driver, Taylor, who’s just doing his best.
  5. razzie awards
    Mother!, Fifty Shades Darker Among 2018 Razzie NominationsCongrats?
  6. fifty shades of black and white
    Skunks Hate Dakota JohnsonThe Fifty Shades star has been skunked four times in the last year!
  7. what could have been
    The Reason Almost–Christian Grey Charlie Hunnam Still Hasn’t Seen Fifty ShadesIt’s too “traumatic,” he says.
  8. last night on late night
    Jamie Dornan Listing Irish Terms for Drunk Is the Jamie Dornan 50 Shades Needed“30. Rama-lama-ding-donged.”
  9. let’s talk about sex scenes
    Why Are American Directors So Bad at Sex?The gulf between how American directors present sex and how their colleagues across the pond do it has never been wider.
  10. fifty shades darker
    An Ode to the Black Women Who Make Fifty Shades Darker BearableTwo minor characters are the only people in this movie with any common sense.
  11. whoa
    Dakota Johnson’s 21 Best Fifty Shades Darker Line Readings“You’re not putting those in my butt.”
  12. movie review
    Actually, Fifty Shades Darker Isn’t That BadThe movie’s real subject is wealth — and how much a woman is willing to accept being owned in return for beautiful clothes.
  13. your box office explained
    The Lego Batman Movie Edged 50 Shades Darker at the Box OfficeOnly one of this weekend’s sequels managed to improve on its predecessor.
  14. last night on late night
    How Jamie Dornan Kept Sex Scenes Funny While Filming Fifty ShadesNice noises.
  15. review roundup
    The Meanest Lines From the Fifty Shades Darker Reviews“Has there ever been a film in which the hero has so much sex without properly taking off his trousers?”
  16. just so you know
    Fifty Shades Darker Is Telling a Big Lie About LipstickDon’t fall for it: Lipstick does not come off that easily.
  17. male nudity
    So, Do You See Christian Grey’s Penis in the New Fifty Shades Movie?You’ve got questions. We’ve got the answer.
  18. right-click
    Listen to Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj’s Tranquil Fifty Shades Darker Contribution… Where’s the angst?
  19. cross promotion
    The Best Actor in Fifty Shades Darker Is a Chronicles of Riddick PosterThis thing pulls focus even when it’s not in focus.
  20. acoustic covers
    Taylor Swift Shares Far Less Sexy Acoustic Cover of Her Fifty Shades SongI don’t wanna strum forever.
  21. trailer mix
    New Fifty Shades Darker Clip: Damn, This Is a Very Sexually Charged DateComing February 10.
  22. roll clip!
    See Music Video for Taylor Swift, Zayn SongThere’s a lot of slow writhing happening.
  23. tenderness
    Dakota Johnson’s Favorite Word Is TenderJust FYI.
  24. right-click
    Hear Halsey’s New Song for Fifty Shades Darker“Not Afraid Anymore” follows Taylor Swift and Zayn’s awkward duet.
  25. right-click
    Taylor Swift and Zayn Go Fifty Shades Darker With New SingleThe dream team.
  26. casting couch
    Hugh Dancy Joins Fifty Shades DarkerHe’ll probably get to use his actual British accent, too.
  27. the industry
    Kim Basinger Joins Fifty Shades DarkerShe’ll play Christian Grey’s mysterious older lover.
  28. the industry
    James Foley to Direct Both 50 Shades SequelsThey’re coming.
  29. the industry
    James Foley Will Likely Direct Next Fifty ShadesPotentially the next two, even!
  30. teaser trailers
    Fifty Shades Darker Has a Teaser Already — Okay, Cool (Hot?)Just give in.