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  1. good 4 her
    Good 4 Olivia Rodrigo, Who Had Her First Live Show on SaturdayIt was so hardcore that a fistfight broke out during ‘drivers license.’
  2. kickpunch
    Cobra Kai Will Wax on for a Fourth SeasonAnd season 3 will premiere January 8.
  3. family feud
    Mother Cuomo, Your Sons Are Fighting AgainThey pulled out the family photos this time.
  4. the industry
    Idris Elba Will Train to Be a Kickboxer for TVIdris Elba: Fighter will air on the Discovery Channel.
  5. deleted scenes
    Watch This Deleted Avengers: Age of Ultron FightFrom the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two box set.
  6. teenage mutant walking dead turtles
    Lennie James Learned Stick Fighting From a Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtleThe Walking Dead actor is familiar with the ‘90s martial art of Kowabunga.
  7. fighting
    Odd Future Got in Another Stage BrawlGreat.
  8. fighting
    Rihanna Is Maybe Mad at Chris Brown AgainShe unfollowed him, at least.
  9. fighting
    Girls Backlash Watch: The Race Argument ContinuesThat got heated fast.
  10. fighting
    Anatomy of a Backlash: Tracking the Arguments About GirlsThat happened fast.
  11. fighting
    Shia LaBeouf Now Bolstering Leading-Man Status via Bar Fights“The boys were out drinking, boys had too much to drink, one guy comments to the other and the next thing you know someone gets punched. Whattya gonna do? It happens.”
  12. gerunds
    Update: Can Fighting Beat the Curse of the Gerund Movie?Precious few movies have embraced the beautiful awkwardness of a solo gerund title, and none have fared well.