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  1. extremely online
    Matt Damon Doesn’t Get Barbie vs. OppenheimerHe wouldn’t last a day on stan Twitter.
  2. film twitter
    Wait, So Could Beau Is Afraid Get a CinemaScore F?Here’s what you need to know about whether that rating is possible.
  3. film twitter
    Daniel Kwan Is Once Again Asking Fans To Be Normal“The last thing I ask of any fans of our film is to be gracious and kind tomorrow.”
  4. film twitter
    Daniel Kwan Gently Reminds Fans to Be Nice About Year-End Movie ListsThe Everything Everywhere All at Once co-director wants you to ask, what would Waymond do?
  5. burners
    A Celebration of Life for Margot Robbie’s Alleged Letterboxd AccountFans found an account appearing to belong to the Barbie star … then it went dark.
  6. film twitter
    One Perfect Shot Brings Film Twitter to HBO MaxDebuts on March 24.
  7. malignant redeemed!
    The Oscars Just Gave Film Twitter Too Much PowerThe internet’s favorite film and scene from 2021 will be featured during the Academy Awards telecast.