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  1. obits
    Jean-Marc Vallée, Big Little Lies and Dallas Buyers Club Director, Has Died“My heart is broken. My friend. I love you,” wrote Reese Witherspoon.
  2. filmmaking
    Naomi Osaka’s Cinematic Perspective Is Also a Human OneDirector Garrett Bradley breaks down the intuitive, intimate approach she took to capturing one of most scrutinized athletes in the world.
  3. coronavirus
    ‘This Is the Apocalypse That Has Been on the Horizon for a Long Time’Alex Ross Perry, Kris Rey, TT the Artist and more filmmakers on watching their latest movies, and their industry at large, fall to a pandemic.
  4. filmmakers
    Don Cheadle Got Directing Advice From ClooneyIt involves push-ups.
  5. China Welcomes a Movie MetropolisWang Jianlin unveiled plans for a 40.5-million-square-foot complex over the weekend.
  6. movies
    David Lynch Lists His Favorite Directors in 60 SecondsAaand go.