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  1. the female gaze
    FilmStruck’s Alicia Malone Mourns the Service and Celebrates The Female GazeThe voice of the defunct streamer has a new anthology of essays by women on women-made films.
  2. revivals
    Criterion Will Launch Its Own Streaming ServiceWe won’t be without a way to see La Strada for long.
  3. cinema
    FilmStruck May Not Be Completely DeadSteven Spielberg and Marty Scorsese save the day!
  4. under pressure
    Basically Every Famous Director Is Petitioning to Save FilmStruckRian Johnson, Guillermo Del Toro, Sofia Coppola, and more have signed letters trying to save the service.
  5. vulture lists
    24 Movies to Watch on FilmStruck While You Still CanCatch all the old A Star Is Borns and more.
  6. rip
    Classic-Movie Streaming Site FilmStruck Will Shut Down Next Month*Wipes away a single, dramatic tear*
  7. behind the movies
    Se7en’s Disturbing, Memorable Ending Nearly Never HappenedWe almost had to live in a world without “What’s in the box?”