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  1. movie review
    Let’s Watch Some Nazis ExplodeIf Sergio Leone had directed Crank: High Voltage, it might have looked a little like Sisu, a crazy new action movie from Finland.
  2. birds will get you
    Hatching Trailer Reminds Us That Birds Will Take Vengeance on Your FamilyBe nice to birds, okay?
  3. Enjoy This Game of Thrones Weather ReportOh, you know what season is coming.
  4. Can I Finnish?Geographically, Finland is sandwiched between two countries that could not be more different. Its neighbor to the left Sweden took first dibs […]
  5. clickables
    Watch Conan O’Brien’s Inspirational Message to FinlandStay strong, Finns.
  6. Conan’s Appeal to the People of Finland