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  1. unbreak my heart
    Supernatural’s Mark Sheppard Recovering From ‘Six Massive Heart Attacks’His co-stars from ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Doom Patrol,’ and more wished him well on Instagram.
  2. dc universe
    We Could Not Believe Our Eyes, Brendan Fraser Might Play FireflyIn the Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace.
  3. literally strong female characters
    What’s Behind Pop Culture’s Love for Silent, Violent Little Girls?Why are our action heroines getting so young — and so quiet?
  4. comfort tv
    Comfort TV to Stream This Winter (and for the Next Four Years)From The Great British Bake Off to Parks and Recreation.
  5. nycc 2015
    5 Things We Learned From the Firefly Reunion at New York Comic Con Nathan Fillion is a prop thief and wanted to kill off Kaylee, plus hope for a Serenity comic read-thru, and yes, they’d all be game for a season two.
  6. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk Have a New Web Series and an Enduring BromanceThey’ve been friends a long time. There’s a lot of sweetness.
  7. 7 Shows to Stream With Your Family Over the HolidaysStart a new tradition of watching terrifying British cop shows together.
  8. moviemaking
    Firefly, Snap Zooms, and Joss Whedon’s Influence on Man of SteelZoom in fast! You know the move.
  9. hold out hope
    Don’t Expect to See a Firefly Kickstarter Anytime SoonWhedon says he’s too busy.
  10. Watch a Supercut of All the Chinese Spoken in FireflyWell, that’s certainly one way to learn the language.
  11. the avengers
    Watch The Avengers Intro, Firefly-Style We still miss Nathan Fillion.
  12. clickables
    Hear ‘She Don’t Like Firefly,’ a Breakup Song for NerdsIt’s important to discuss your Joss Whedon preferences at the beginning of a relationship.
  13. awesome
    Ex-Terminator Joins DollhouseSummer Glau will play “Bennett, a Dollhouse employee who shares a secret past with Eliza Dushku’s Echo.”
  14. possible disasters
    Uh-oh! Production on ‘Dollhouse’ Shuts DownJoss Whedon asked Fox for two weeks to rewrite upcoming scripts.
  15. overnights
    ‘The Shield’: Our Vic Mackey Doomsday Clock