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Fish In The Dark

  1. ‘Fish in the Dark’ is ‘Seinfeld’ on Stage and Vintage Larry DavidThere’s a moment in Fish in the Dark where Larry responds to a question about how grabbing a breast was and he answers with, “Pretty good. […]
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    Theater Review: Fish in the Dark Is a New Domain for Larry DavidMustering enthusiasm.
  3. Sitting Shiva With Larry DavidEveryone’s favorite curmudgeon is bringing his particular brand of disagreeability to Broadway. In a play about the ultimate nothing.
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    Future Broadway Star Larry David Hates the Theater, Likes Hotel SexHe really doesn’t want to do that Broadway show of his.
  5. Larry David on His Broadway Debut: ‘Not a Day Goes By That I Don’t Regret […]Ahead of his Broadway debut in March, Larry David recently sat down for an honest chat with Vanity Fair about Fish in the Dark, which […]
  6. Larry David Tells Jimmy Fallon About His Broadway PlayLarry David’s Broadway debut Fish in the Dark is set for March, and on last night’s Tonight Show he and Fallon talked about what we can expect […]
  7. Larry David’s Broadway Play Set to Open on March 5thLarry David’s Broadway play just got a cast and premiere date. Entertainment Weekly reports that Fish in the Dark is now officially set to […]
  8. Larry David Talks with ‘The New York Times’ About His Upcoming Broadway […]“I haven’t been in a play since the eighth grade, when I did Charley’s Aunt. I seem to remember wearing a dress. That’s it. And I’m not even […]
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    Larry David to Play Himself on BroadwayIn a play he wrote.