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  1. tv couple scuffle
    Ross and Rachel vs. Sam and Diane: Who Is the Better Couple?Let’s ask ourselves which of these couples would have been the better couple to actually know.
  2. party chat
    Connie Britton on the Death of the FNL MovieTexas (not) forever.
  3. chat room
    Adrianne Palicki on Red Dawn, Shooting Guns, and Superhero TattoosAlso, Mitt Romney and FNL movie odds.
  4. clickables
    Check Out Cowboy and Indian, Landry Clarke’s Real-Life BandIt does not sound like Crucifictorious.
  5. fnl
    NBC Announces Friday Night Lights Premiere DateApril 15.
  6. fnl
    Dillon, Texas Gets a New HunkAnd his name is Hastings Ruckle.