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  1. beyonce
    Haul Video for Beyoncé’s Perfume, Heat Rush, Goes AwryOoh, floral undertones!
  2. olfactory
    Lots of People Want to Smell Like Mary J. Blige60,000 bought her perfume this weekend.
  3. the one who smelt it dealt it
    Now You, Too, Can Smell Just Like 50 Cent!Hmmm, is that the aroma of weed mixed with the pungent scent of artistic disappointment we’re smelling?
  4. quote machine
    Stephen Colbert Will Play a Thicker-Necked President Than You Might ExpectPlus quotes from Michel Gondry, Bryan Singer, and Marié Digby.
  5. apropos of nothing
    It’s Edward Albee Day! How Will You Celebrate?Perhaps a booze-soaked argument with your caustic spouse? Or a sex scandal?
  6. apropos of nothing
    At Last, Kevin Federline Is Coming to Broadway!Broadway celebrity-stunt casting reaches its inevitable nadir.