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  1. house of sharts
    Third Time’s the Harm for Kevin Spacey’s Annual Christmas Eve VideoKevin Spacey releasing an “It Gets Better” video in 2020 sounds like a joke from Difficult People but lord, it’s real.
  2. backstories
    The House of Cards Team Wrote Their Final Season. Then They Wrote It Again.How the writers’ room regrouped (and killed off Frank Underwood) in the wake of the Kevin Spacey allegations.
  3. spoilers
    How Frank Underwood Dies in House of CardsIf you don’t watch the show anymore but still wanna know, we’ve got you covered.
  4. teasers
    House of Cards Teaser: ‘The Reign of the Middle-Aged White Man Is Over’Claire Underwood’s gone gangster.
  5. house of cards
    Here’s How the 2016 Election Played Out on House of CardsSpoiler: It doesn’t end in 2016!
  6. art imitating life imitating art
    See Francis Underwood’s Smithsonian PortraitWho’d he have to kill to get this?
  7. roll clip!
    New House of Cards Teaser: Frank Underwood Remembers the FallenDo you remember Zoe Barnes?
  8. renewals
    Netflix Renews House of Cards for Fourth SeasonFour! More! Years!
  9. God Bless the Underwoods: In Praise of Heel CouplesThe pleasure of rooting for villains in love. 
  10. tv clips
    What Video Game Is Frank Underwood Playing on House of Cards?Watch him play Monument Valley.
  11. happy birthday to you
    Watch Kevin Spacey ‘Prank Call’ Hillary Clinton in Honor of Bill’s 68th BirthdayHillary says Bill’s birthday gift is “a very personal decision.”
  12. side-eye
    A Collection of House of Cards’ Best Frank Underwood Side-Eye GIFs Super shady, Frank.
  13. gifcap
    GIFs of That Scene From House of Cards’s 11th Ep“Sexy” spoilers ahead, beware.