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  1. across the streaming-verse
    The Best of Netflix: Alex Gibney DocumentariesWikiLeaks, Hunter S. Thompson, and Enron.
  2. pick up lines
    NBC Buys Freakonomics-Inspired PariahKelsey Grammer will produce.
  3. movie review
    Movie Review: Freakonomics, the Discovery Channel Series That Might Have BeenAs a four-part motion picture, it feels like piffle, even when its conclusions are momentous.
  4. movies
    See the First Three Minutes of FreakonomicsAuthors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner discuss “how incentives influence behaviors.”
  5. freakonomics
    All-Star Freakonomics Doc to Close Tribeca Film FestHow best to entertainingly explain to filmgoers the crime-reducing benefits of legalized abortion and why real-estate agents are like the Ku Klux Klan?
  6. blinding me with science
    Eggheads Get All Riled Up Over Global-Warming Theories in SuperFreakonomicsWho knows who’s right and who’s wrong in this kerfluffle? Certainly not a couple of English majors like us!
  7. feedback
    Freakonomics Responds!The ‘Freakonomics’ guys think they know better than Vulture how their book should be adapted into a Drew Barrymore movie.
  8. agenda
    Book Charts Relationship Between Old Ladies and PimpsJessica Hagy has been posting index cards of (non-math) graphs and diagrams on Indexed since August 2006, and now she’s brought this online work to print.