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  1. trailer mix
    ‘Abnormals’ Are Being Hunted Down in the Freaks TrailerGrace Park will take your kids.
  2. vulture lists
    11 Freaky Pop-Culture SideshowsBeyond American Horror Story: Freak Show.
  3. music
    See Estelle’s Freaky New ‘Freak’ Music VideoEstelle puts on black face paint and dances on a flying crystal.
  4. the industry
    Hugh Jackman to Make a Robot Chase a ChickenPlus: Kat Dennings! Psych! Horses!
  5. comebacks
    Will Michael Jackson’s Tour Be an Unofficial Sequel to High School Musical?Sort of!
  6. michael jackson
    Michael Jackson’s Comeback Scuttled Already?A new lawsuit could block the shows that would’ve made Jackson rich again.
  7. michael jackson
    Victory: Michael Jackson to Keep His Hilarious CrapJust when it looked like Michael Jackson would have to part with his diamond-encrusted socks and wax statues of himself, a deal has been struck allowing him to keep it all.
  8. michael jackson
    Michael Jackson Practically Rich Again!Due to “unprecedented demand,” Michael Jackson has been forced to add seventeen more shows in London.
  9. michael jackson
    What Is Michael Jackson Going to Buy With All This Money?A diamond-studded Snuggie? Another huge statue of himself?
  10. comebacks
    Michael Jackson: Back!Michael Jackson, or at least someone purporting to be Michael Jackson, just attempted to give a press conference in London to announce a tour.