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  1. rhojf
    The Real Housewives of Jonathan FranzenIn suburbia, the plight of Franzen’s housewives is of a piece with their entrapment.
  2. new music
    Justin Bieber Fills Your Easter Basket With Surprise Freedom EPBringing you six new tracks so soon after the release of Justice.
  3. freedom
    Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Allowed to Leave South Africa After Long Legal BattleHe won’t be permitted to reenter the country.
  4. freedom
    Wesley Snipes Is Out of JailJust in time for tax day.
  5. freedom
    T.I. Gets Out of Jail a Little EarlyStarts filming reality TV show.
  6. freedom
    Big Boi Released From Prison, Denies Association With the ‘Love Boat’Big Boi explains himself, sort of.
  7. freedom
    With Reporters Embedded in Her Garage, Lindsay Lohan Walks Free AgainWe wish her luck out there.
  8. the vulture transcript
    A Visit From the Goon Squad Author Jennifer Egan on Reaping Awards and Dodging Literary FeudsAn apology to Jennifer Weiner for Egan’s chick-lit dismissal: “The person who’s criticizing should know what they’re saying and whom they’re criticizing. I was just vague on my facts.”
  9. final round
    Jonathan Franzen and Oprah Hash It Out“I spoke in very long sentences, and little pieces of those sentences sounded bad, and your feelings were probably understandably hurt, and next thing we knew it had become this thing.”
  10. freedom
    Weezy’s Free!Hooray!
  11. books
    Jonathan Franzen’s National Book Award Snub Was No Snub at AllAwards, notoriously, mean almost nothing — particularly in literature.
  12. lit crimes
    Guy Who Stole Franzen’s Glasses Was Just BoredAnd a party crasher.
  13. lit crimes
    Thieves Steal Glasses Right Off Jonathan Franzen’s FaceSomeone really wanted a piece of Franzen
  14. franzen
    Freedom: Recalled in the U.K.!80,000 copies of Jonathan Franzen’s novel contained errors.
  15. reconciliation
    Jonathan Franzen and Oprah Make Up?Franzen and Oprah kiss and make up.
  16. jonathan franzen
    Franzen: Picoult Not Totally Wrong About the Times Favoring White Men“I actually have a lot of those feelings myself.”
  17. freedom
    Scott Rudin’s Bookshelf: What Hasn’t He Made?He’s still working on ‘The Corrections.’
  18. freedom
    Letterman’s Extortionist Already Out of JailMore proof of the American legal system’s favoritism toward beautiful celebrities.
  19. freedom
    Update: Franzen’s Freedom Briefly LeakedIt was up on Amazon yesterday, four whole days before its official release.
  20. books
    Read an Excerpt From Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom1,300 words!
  21. author versus author
    Jodi Picoult: ‘The Times Favors White Male Authors’Jodi!
  22. books
    Jonathan Franzen Makes Video About Not Wanting to Make VideosFranzen’s all “they made me do it.”
  23. freedom
    Rudin Buys Franzen’s FreedomScott Rudin just optioned Franzen’s much-acclaimed new book.
  24. in the magazine
    Anderson on Franzen’s Freedom: ‘A Work of Total Genius’“A reminder … of why everyone got so excited about Franzen in the first place.”
  25. franzen
    Jonathan Franzen, Cover BoyFor his new novel ‘Freedom,’ he’ll be on the cover of ‘Time.’
  26. books
    Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom Gets Its First ReviewAnd it’s a rave.
  27. freedom
    Gucci Mane Got Out of Prison Very Early This MorningAnd there’s video of it!
  28. freedom
    Gucci Mane Gets Out of Prison Next WeekWelcome back, sir.