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  1. disney
    Disney Does Parents a Solid, Decides to Drop Frozen 2 Three Months EarlyBecause who knows how long it’ll be before your kids can go back to school and/or daycare?
  2. oscars 2020
    Did Idina Menzel in Fact Hit That High Note?Let’s listen to her “Into the Unknown” Oscars performance.
  3. $$$$
    Frozen 2 Defeats Frozen to Become Highest Grossing Animated Film EverEntertainment conglomerates, rejoice!
  4. the gold rush
    A Historic Battle for the Animated Oscar BeginsThis year, a record number of animated movies are competing against Disney for an Academy Award in the feature category. Can an indie win?
  5. $$$$
    Frozen 2 Thawed a Whole Lot of Money This Weekend$350.2 million to be precise.
  6. lost in the woods
    What’s Important About Frozen II Is Jonathan Groff Gets an ’80s Rock BangerI am lost in the wooooooods.
  7. movie review
    Frozen 2 Exists Because the Market, Not the Story, Demanded ItIs it fair to call a sequel unnecessary when it’s going to make a jillion dollars?
  8. trailer mix
    Frozen 2 Trailer: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Elsa?Our iconic quartet head off on a dangerous journey.
  9. profile
    Jonathan Groff Is More Than Just the Murder GuyBouncing from Mindhunter to Little Shop of Horrors, the actor is finally having fun.
  10. castings
    The Incomparable Sterling K. Brown and Evan Rachel Wood Reportedly Join Frozen 2Oh, please let them build a snowman.
  11. sequels
    Duh: Disney Is Making a Frozen SequelFrozen 2: [INSERT FUNNY SUBTITLE HERE.]
  12. sequels
    Idina Menzel Knows As Much About a Possible Frozen Sequel As You DoWe’re still just gonna assume there will be a sequel.