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Full Benefits

  1. CollegeHumor Moves Towards Long-Arc Narratives with Full Benefits Here’s the season two finale of CollegeHumor’s Full Benefits, by far the site’s most narrative-based series and a real departure from what […]
  2. CollegeHumor’s Workplace Romance Full Benefits Starts Season 2 Here’s the first episode from season 2 (already!) of CollegeHumor’s Full Benefits, in which our heros need to explain their newly-outed and […]
  3. CollegeHumor’s Full Benefits Wraps Up Season 1; Season 2 Coming in 3 Weeks Here’s the last episode in the first “season” of CollegeHumor’s new series Full Benefits. The web series was a pretty serious departure from […]
  4. CollegeHumor Moves Towards the TV Model with a New Fall ScheduleCollegeHumor is launching three new Fall shows this week, all of which have a defined run and the potential to be picked up for another […]