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Full Circle

  1. overnights
    Full Circle Series-Finale Recap: All Roads Lead to Sam BrowneDespite Soderbergh’s masterful touch and Danes’ solid performance, the whole series ends a little too neatly to be all that compelling.
  2. vulture investigates
    Untangling the Mystery Behind Dennis Quaid’s Full Circle Braid“I mean, it’s fabulous,” says hair-department head Adenike Wright. “But it’s just like … I can’t believe he made me do that.”
  3. overnights
    Full Circle Recap: FlailingWe love it when a plan comes together … which is not happening here.
  4. overnights
    Full Circle Recap: Inculpatory EvidenceEveryone is busy doing detective work now.
  5. overnights
    Full Circle Recap: Loyalty TestsNo one’s secret is safe with Melody (Zazie Beetz) on the case.
  6. overnights
    Full Circle Recap: Walk the WalkEverything goes utterly wrong for everyone.
  7. overnights
    Full Circle Series-Premiere Recap: A Boy for a BoyA murderers’ row of talent and a convoluted web of elaborate double crosses make for a solid beginning to Steven Soderbergh’s latest TV series.
  8. trailer mix
    The Full Circle Teaser Trailer Rounds Up Zazie Beetz and Claire DanesSteven Soderbergh’s upcoming thriller about a botched kidnapping.
  9. encounter
    Om-ing by the Beach With Andrew Keegan, Former Teen Idol Turned Spiritual Guru“I had this girl come up to me not that long ago and say, ‘I used to just love you!’ It’s always past tense now. And I’m like, ‘Can’t we just always love each other and everybody in the world?’ ”
  10. full circle
    Fred Savage to Direct The GoldbergsFull circle.
  11. casting couch
    Neil LaBute’s TV Show Adds Draco Malfoy and MoreLots of TV pros.
  12. pick up lines
    DirecTV Orders Neil LaBute’s Television DebutFull Circle.
  13. full circle
    Ted Williams Scored a TV ShowWell, how else did you think this story would end?