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    8 Fun Facts About Taylor Swift’s ReputationYes, that is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s daughter on “Gorgeous.”
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    Game Of Thrones Actor John Bradley Planned To Get Famous To Meet Ginger SpiceEveryone needs a goal.
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    8 Amazing Facts From Judd Apatow’s Favorite Casting Director, Allison JonesJudd Apatow’s go-to casting director opens up about her career to The New Yorker.
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    E!’s Disturbing ‘Fun Fact’ Becomes a ‘Fun Meme’Fun! (The meme, not the original.)
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    9 Things We Learned From Neill Blomkamp’s Wired ProfileHe loves Michael Bay, turned down Star Wars, and approached Die Antwoord’s Ninja and Eminem to star in Elysium.
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    Eight Things We Learned From Jennifer Lawrence’s New York Times ProfileAnd what else we learned from her New York Times profile.
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    Jack White Would Still Be in the White Stripes If Meg Wanted“I’d be in the White Stripes for the rest of my life”
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    Putting Ratings in Perspective: Today’s Hits Are Yesterday’s Bombs’My So-Called Life,’ your time should have been now.
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    Eight Adorable Facts About Anna FarisShe should be a bigger movie star.