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  1. the saga begins
    White and Nerdy Daniel Radcliffe Will Play ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic in Biopic“I have no doubt whatsoever that this is the role future generations will remember him for.”
  2. comedy
    Funny or Die Acquired By a Business Man Named HenryHe does business and he is a man and now he owns Funny or Die.
  3. naughty naughty
    Nicolas F - - - ing Cage to Host Netflix’s History of Swear WordsSounds pretty f - - - ing weird.
  4. funny or die
    Funny or Die Furloughs 20 Staffers Due to ‘Economic Reality’ of CoronavirusFurloughs and salary reductions hit the online comedy outlet this week.
  5. roll clip!
    Chris Evans Joins Billy on the Street, Runs Into Paul Rudd“Now Chris and I are joined by Chris’s worst nightmare: a bunch of lesbians that don’t care that he’s hot!”
  6. funny or die
    Tig Notaro Interviews an Extremely Nervous Lena Headey on Under a RockThe comedian has a tough time guessing who the Game of Thrones star is.
  7. famous plants
    We’re Pleased to Reveal the Two Ferns in Between Two Ferns: The MovieAnd according to Scott Aukerman, we can expect many sequels.
  8. funny or die
    Wyclef Jean Shows Off His Handstand Skills for Tig NotaroBut will Notaro figure out who she’s talking to?
  9. very meta movies
    The Between Two Ferns Movie Just Got 100 Percent More Lauren LapkusLapkus, Ryan Gaul, and Jiavani Linayao play Galifianakis’s “loyal crew.”
  10. funny or die
    Tig Notaro Is Convinced Julie Bowen Is Talk-Show Host ‘Jules Bowen’Watch the latest episode of Notaro’s Funny or Die series.
  11. funny or die
    Tig Notaro Attempts to Figure Out Who James Van Der Beek IsShe’s the host of Funny or Die’s awkward new talk show.
  12. game of thrones
    Jonathan Van Ness on the End of His Game (and Gay) of Thrones JourneyTalking with JVN and Erin Gibson about the end of their GOT recap show.
  13. talk shows
    Jerry O’Connell to Host a Funny or Die–Produced Daytime Talk ShowGet ready for Jerry O.
  14. roll clip!
    Billy Eichner Tries to Cheer Up New Yorkers With Lin-Manuel Miranda“Miss, it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda. Are you inspired?!”
  15. funny or die
    Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon Return As Cord and Tish for the 2019 Rose ParadeThey’re back!
  16. funny or die
    A Between Two Ferns Movie Is Taking Root at NetflixZach Galifianakis will star, and Scott Aukerman will direct.
  17. departures
    Adam McKay Confirms He Left Funny or Die Earlier This YearMcKay launched the website with Will Ferrell and Chris Henchy in 2007.
  18. vote malone
    Billy Eichner Urges You to Vote. If Not for Your Country, Then for Post Malone.Post has had a real rough month and change. Will voting in the midterms help? Certainly can’t hurt!
  19. Between Two Ferns Makes Its Glorious Return With Jerry Seinfeld and Cardi BAlso Wayne Knight!
  20. ‘Beethoven’s Producer’ Shows the Changing Tide in Digital ComedyIt’s been nearly two years since we featured Chuck Armstrong and Charlie Stockman’s work, and in that time, digital comedy’s landscape has […]
  21. Funny or Die Moves to Vox Media This Summer A little over a month after huge layoffs at the company, another big change is coming to Funny or Die. According to Variety, after over ten […]
  22. How Facebook Is Killing ComedyA conversation with Funny or Die’s Matt Klinman on how Facebook has completely destroyed independent digital comedy.
  23. Billy Eichner and Funny or Die Team Up to Launch “Glam Up the Midterms”During his appearance on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Billy Eichner revealed that he’s teamed up with Funny or Die to launch a campaign […]
  24. Another Round of Layoffs Hit Funny or DieA year and a half after a round of layoffs that shuttered the San Mateo engineering office and left 37 people without a job and almost one year […]
  25. Talking Funny or Die and ‘Not Quite a Genius’ with Nate DernFrom humble beginnings as a participant in season 3 of The CW’s Beauty and the Geek to becoming the artistic director of UCB’s New York theater […]
  26. Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell Will Provide Live Coverage of 2018’s Rose […]Amazon is teaming up with Funny or Die, Will Ferrell, and Molly Shannon for this year’s Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. The Saturday Night Live […]
  27. season renewals
    American Vandal Is Getting a Second Season, This Time With Rich KidsThe mockumentary will delve into a vandalism crime at a prep school in 2018.
  28. Watch the Trailer for Rob Huebel’s New Series ‘Do You Want to See a Dead […]Just in time for Halloween, YouTube Red released the trailer today for a new series produced by Funny or Die and starring Rob Huebel called Do […]
  29. exclusive
    Funny or Die Is Making Comedy Shorts Exclusively for AmazonThe first will premiere on November 10.
  30. I Used Funny or Die’s Pitch App for a Month, and This Is What It Was LikeI touched the olive-colored olive icon and was in: Pitch, the invite-only joke-writing app developed by Funny or Die. It was the first day of […]
  31. Celebrating Ten Years of Funny or Die with CEO Mike FarahYou’ve probably heard by now that Funny or Die is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The comedy behemoth founded by Adam McKay, Will […]
  32. Justin Long on Playing Teenagers, ‘Dodgeball,’ and the Dangers of Viral […]Playing younger than he is has never really been an issue for Justin Long. At 22, he played geeky high school student Warren Cheswick in Ed. At […]
  33. goofs
    The Between Two Ferns Hillary Clinton Bit You Didn’t Get to SeeIt involved a fax machine.
  34. america is magic
    Hulu Orders Ten Episodes of Sarah Silverman’s I Love You, AmericaThe half-hour show will feature the comedian attempting to “connect with people who may not agree with her personal opinions”
  35. T.J. Miller Wants to Use Comedy to Soothe the Human Condition T.J. Miller cuts to the core. Whether shooting from the hip on local morning talk shows or waxing philosophical in his standup, Miller is […]
  36. roll clip!
    Ben Affleck Wants New Hampshire to VoteDo it for all of New England.
  37. soundtrack of our lives
    Danny Elfman Pens a Creepy POTUS Debate ScoreIf it’s in a word, or it’s in a look …
  38. music video
    Will.i.am As Donald Trump Sings ‘GRAB’m by the PUSSY’ in New Funny or Die VideoHe’s got the support of the KKK and the black community.
  39. Demetri Martin Explores the Mysteries of the Universe in ‘Our Fascinating […]Demetri Martin recently teamed up with Funny or Die and go90 for an eight-part series called Our Fascinating Planet, and Funny or Die recently […]
  40. Check Out the Trailer for Demetri Martin’s go90 Series ‘Our Fascinating […]Demetri Martin has teamed up with Funny or Die and go90 for a new web series, and the streaming network recently released the trailer. Titled […]
  41. vote naked
    A Naked, Deranged Katy Perry Really Wants You to VoteZip up your adult onesie and exercise your constitutional right.
  42. Hillary Clinton Joins Zach Galifianakis for a New Episode of ‘Between Two […]Rejoice, Between Two Ferns fans, because this morning Funny or Die uploaded a brand new installment of the series featuring none other than […]
  43. The Cast of ‘Don’t Think Twice’ Just Made the Most Viral Video EverFunny or Die recently teamed up with Mike Birbiglia and the cast of his new film Don’t Think Twice to make a video promoting the movie, but […]
  44. Funny or Die Just Laid Off 37 People Some sad news out of LA today: Funny or Die just laid off 30% of their staff, a total of 37 people, in a restructuring that new CEO Mike […]
  45. Check Out the First Trailer for Funny or Die and go90’s ‘Tween Fest’Streaming service go90 teamed up with Funny or Die to create their first big comedy series, Tween Fest, and its first trailer was just […]
  46. Is a $160,000 Degree in ‘Comedic Arts’ Worth It? The average cost of tuition at a private college in 2015 was over $32,000 according to CollegeData.com, but that number is even higher at […]
  47. 2016 dnc
    Watch Ken Jeong Learn Where Trump Cufflinks, Suits, and Vodka Are MadeHint: The items weren’t made in Pennsylvania.
  48. Tracy Morgan, Hannibal Buress, John Mulaney, and More Are Headed to 2016’s […]The annual Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival returns next month, and today Funny or Die announced the tour dates and comedian lineup. The […]
  49. Allow Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer to Interrogate You in 360°It seems only right that Funny or Die would enlist the guys who host a live comedy show on a moving bus for their first-ever virtual reality […]
  50. roll clip!
    Ferrell, Chad Smith Attempt Another Drum-OffWho comes out victorious?
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