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Future Of Movies

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    In an All-Digital Future, It’s the New Movies That Will Be in TroubleWhen it comes to preserving movies, the digital revolution may turn out to be a catastrophe.
  2. virtual reality
    VR Movies Will Require New Forms of StorytellingWhat feels flat on a TV screen, they hope, will feel natural and immersive in a VR headset.
  3. future of movies
    How to Set Up the Ultimate Home TheaterThe super-duper way and the cheap way.
  4. future of movies
    Here’s a Crazy Idea: Bring Back the Movie SerialA new entry every few months!
  5. future of movies
    Who Is Behind Today’s Most Unique Documentaries?The Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab.
  6. future of movies
    6 Ways the Movie Distribution Model Is ChangingVOD, BitTorrent, and something called Tugg.
  7. future of movies
    How Have Movies Imagined What Movies Will Look Like?Maybe we’ll all just reenact movies in a postapocalyptic society.
  8. sound and visions
    The Future of Movies Will Be More LatinoHollywood will have to ride the demographic wave.
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    The Man Who Has Changed Film Wants to Try Again“If you want people to go to movie theaters, you’ve got to offer something that’s really, truly spectacular.”
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    I Spent a Day Experiencing the Future of FilmA visit to the first 4-D film festival.