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  1. renewals
    FX Renews Atlanta for Season 3More Earn! More Paper Boi!
  2. fx atlanta
    Watch Donald Glover Sway to TLC’s ‘Creep’ in Atlanta Deleted SceneOh ah, oh ah, oh ah yeahhhh!
  3. Atlanta’s Silly Yoo-hoo Ad Is a Clever Commentary on Black ArtThe Yoo-hoo commercial isn’t just surreal and hilarious — it’s an acknowledgment of the fraught dynamic between black art and commerce.
  4. morning after
    What Donald Glover Said to Lena Dunham After His Girls ArcDunham told Glover that she hoped his Girls role didn’t tokenize him.
  5. casting call
    Very Tan Caucasians, Your Time on Atlanta Is NowThe latest casting call for the FX series gets very specific.
  6. friendship
    Your Guide to Sterling K. Brown and Brian Tyree Henry’s Everlasting FriendshipThe stars of This Is Us and Atlanta have TV’s best bromance.
  7. across the streaming-verse
    You’ll Soon Be Able to Watch Atlanta on HuluGood news, since Atlanta’s second season won’t arrive for a while.
  8. Coats Were Invented So That We Could Have This Photo of Donald GloverHis Wired photo shoot serves a look befitting Lando Calrissian.
  9. development deals
    Donald Glover Will Be Producing a Lot More Television for FXHe’ll also keep working on Atlanta.
  10. 2017 golden globes
    Raindrop, Drop Top, Donald Glover Dancing to Migos Is a Must-WatchAdd this footage to the black Smithsonian.
  11. close reads
    On Atlanta and Its ‘Fake It Til You Make It’ Brand of EconomicsThe first season explored the idea that perceived status is just as important as actual status and real wealth.
  12. close reads
    Why Atlanta’s Police-Shooting Scene Was More Effective Than Others on TVNo one could have predicted that the show to finally get it right would be a surrealist comedy. 
  13. atlanta
    Here’s What Happens If You Actually Call Atlanta’s Ahmad WhiteAnd it only leaves more questions.
  14. chat room
    Zazie Beetz on Van’s Stand-alone Atlanta Episode“I didn’t want her to be the Angry Black Woman. That was important to me.”
  15. backstories
    Stephen Glover on Atlanta’s Black Justin BieberEven FX was confused.
  16. close reads
    Atlanta’s Zan Is the Perfect Send-up of the Social-Media StarZan is a villain only Atlanta could make work.
  17. tv ratings
    FX’s Atlanta Ratings Are Strong So FarAs the best friend of one of Glover’s former alter egos might say, “Cool. Cool, cool, cool.”
  18. backstories
    How Brian Tyree Henry Became Paper Boi, Atlanta’s Rising Rap Star“I’m a big guy, I look like a linebacker, you know? But no one cares, really, that I’m educated.” 
  19. timelines
    Donald Glover’s Long, Strange Trip From Atlanta to AtlantaThe comedian/writer/actor/musician has made a career out of redefining expectations.
  20. tca 2016
    5 Things We Learned About Donald Glover’s Atlanta at TCA“I always want people to feel scared because that’s what it’s like to be black.”