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  1. Gad Elmaleh Sings a Beautiful Song in Made-Up English on ‘Conan’To promote his upcoming Netflix standup special, Gad Elmaleh stopped by last night’s Conan and shared a very unique talent he has: singing […]
  2. Gad Elmaleh Lives the ‘American Dream’ in the Trailer for His Netflix […]Gad Elmaleh’s second Netflix standup special debuts next month, and the streaming network recently released a trailer. Titled Gad Elmaleh: […]
  3. Gad Elmaleh to Star in Netflix Comedy Series ‘Huge in France’French comedian Gad Elmaleh is heading to Netflix to star in his own series. According to Deadline, the streaming network has ordered a […]
  4. Gad Elmaleh Tells Conan O’Brien About Hosting the French Version of […]Here’s a clip from Gad Elmaleh’s appearance on last night’s Conan, where he tells O’Brien what it was like to host the French version of […]
  5. The Trailer for Gad Elmaleh’s First Netflix Standup Special Has ArrivedIn November, Netflix ordered two standup specials from Gad Elmaleh, and today they released the trailer for the first one, a special performed […]
  6. Gad Elmaleh Talks About Adjusting to Life in New York City on ‘The Late […]Here’s a clip of French comedian Gad Elmaleh’s fantastic standup set on last night’s Late Show, where he talks about his recent move to the US […]
  7. Netflix Orders Two Standup Specials from Gad ElmalehFrench comedian Gad Elmaleh is headed to Netflix with two standup specials – one in French and another in English. The streaming network […]
  8. Gad Elmaleh Tells Conan O’Brien About Moving from France to New York CityHere’s a clip from Gad Elmaleh’s visit to last night’s Conan, where he talks about his recent decision to leave superstar fame in Europe to […]
  9. French Comedian Gad Elmaleh’s North American Tour Starts in AugustFrench comedian Gad Elmaleh wants to get to know America, and he’s doing it with a multi-city tour later this year. “As a joke and as an […]
  10. Gad Elmaleh Takes AmericaUnless you’re a French speaker, odds are very low that you have heard Gad Elmaleh’s standup. However, he is very well known among at least five […]