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  1. trailer mix
    Apostle Trailer Shows Dan Stevens Returning to the Dark SideFrom the director of The Raid.
  2. remakes
    The Raid Is Getting a ‘Reimagining’ for American AudiencesDon’t call it a remake. Call it the Dredd sequel we never got.
  3. rogue one
    Rogue One’s Editors Discuss Infamous Reshoots“There’s no mythical four-hour cut, it doesn’t exist.”
  4. rogue one
    Rogue One’s Original Ending Was Very DifferentSpoiler alert.
  5. movie review
    Movie Review: Star Wars: Rogue OneI found the first two-thirds of Rogue One pretty bad, but I have to admit that the last part caught me up.
  6. chat room
    Gareth Edwards on Rogue One, Diversity, ReshootsStar Wars is so rich and it seems crazy that everyone’s, like, a white male guy.”
  7. a guide to recognizing your gar(e)ths
    How to Tell Garth Davis From Gareth EdwardsA Guide to Recognizing Your Gar(e)ths.
  8. a rogue one indeed
    Rogue One Is Showing That Veteran Directors Still MatterThe increasing involvement of Tony Gilroy is a point in favor of experience.
  9. star wars
    Rogue One Shot Unlike Other Star Wars Films“It had this organic, different vibe to it than you associate sometimes with Star Wars.”
  10. reshoots
    Rogue One Filmmakers Swear They’re Not Changing the Tone“It’s got dark tone … and that’s not in any way been compromised.”
  11. star wars rogue one
    Star Wars: Rogue One Brings on Bourne’s Tony Gilroy Amid ReshootsGilory will write new dialogue and assist as a second-unit director.
  12. cinematic universes
    No One Should Be Surprised That Star Wars: Rogue One Is Having ProblemsGareth Edwards’s vision for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story reportedly does not line up with Lucasfilm’s.
  13. the industry
    Gareth Edwards Exits Godzilla 2Godzilla 2 is slated for March 22, 2019.
  14. star wars
    Here’s the Cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryPlus a gritty-looking photo from the set.
  15. in a galaxy far far away
    Gareth Edwards Dishes New Details on Rogue OneIf there’s a bright center to the universe, Edwards is on it.
  16. release dates
    Star Wars: Episode VIII Gets Release Date, and Spinoff Gets TitleIt’ll be 2017, and Rogue One, respectively.
  17. spin-offs
    Rooney Mara, Tatiana Maslany Testing for Star Wars SpinoffFelicity Jones is also on a want list.
  18. sequels
    Godzilla 2 Isn’t Coming Until 2018It’s scheduled for a June 8, 2018, release.
  19. comic-con 2014
    Comic-Con: Godzilla 2 Teases Mothra, Rodan, GhidorahAnd director Gareth Edwards will return.
  20. movies
    Godzilla’s Gareth Edwards to Direct Star Wars Spin-offFingers crossed for Boba Fett movie!
  21. first look
    What Everyone Who Sees Godzilla Will Be Talking AboutVulture was at the film’s first screening.
  22. comic-con 2012
    They Just Showed a Trailer for the Godzilla Reboot at Comic-Con“We’re going to take it really seriously,” promised director Gareth Edwards.
  23. reboots
    Monsters Director Lands Godzilla RebootBut is it all a little too soon?