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Gavin Brown

  1. gavin brown’s enterprise
    Gavin Brown’s Enterprise Is Closing, and the Art World Suddenly Looks DifferentBrown is a special case in a class of special-case galleries and artists that emerged in the 1990s.
  2. Staring at Trump’s Body, What Do You See?Artist Jonathan Horowitz takes us on a journey into the metaphysics of the president’s great, somewhat mysterious, half-beast behemoth bulk.
  3. Gavin Brown’s Closing Show: 12 Horses in GalleryThese horses are an apt metaphor for what art galleries can do.
  4. Jonathan Horowitz’s Transporting 700 DotsThe noise in the room subsided; my mind switched into another consciousness. That was only the beginning.
  5. art world
    How Deitch’s MOCA Gig Changes the Art WorldWho’s up, and who’s down.
  6. news reel
    Tony Shafrazi Defaces ‘Guernica’ AgainTwo strippers dressed as cops wheel out a cake decorated with Picasso’s ‘Guernica,’ tempting the gallery owner yet again.