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Gavin O’connor

  1. movie review
    The Way Back Will Make You Believe Ben Affleck’s Best Roles Are Yet to ComeAffleck is uncomfortably great in a movie that’s more about emotional repression than basketball.
  2. superhero movies
    The Green Hornet Is Getting a Gritty Reboot“My intention is to bring a gravitas to The Green Hornet that wipes away the camp and kitsch of the previous iteration.”
  3. replacements
    Gavin O’Connor Steps In to Direct Jane Got a GunAfter the first director quit by just not showing up for work.
  4. movies
    Gavin O’Connor to Direct Peter Pan Movie NeverlandRu-fi-ohhhh.
  5. Watch Nick Nolte’s Awkward Dust-Up With His Warrior Director“You live in a cave at home like Osama bin Laden.”