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  1. geniuses!
    This Year’s MacArthur Genius Grants, ExplainedGuitarist Mary Halvorson, theater director Annie Dorsen and conceptual artist Mel Chin also won the $625,000 grants.
  2. geniuses
    Claudia Rankine Leads This Year’s Class of MacArthur Genius Grant RecipientsMaggie Nelson and Branden Jacobs-Jenkins have also been crowned geniuses.
  3. genius
    Saltz: Duke Riley’s Insane Triumph, a Live Roman Naval Battle in QueensSpectators cheered as leaky boats foundered, rammed one another, and fired watermelon cannonballs in every direction.
  4. geniuses
    Aziz Ansari Just Full of Great TV-Show Ideas“Yeah, the show’s about you running a laundromat with Vin Diesel.”
  5. geniuses
    From ‘Mr. Brownstone’ to Gray LadyThe financial pundit (and former Guns ‘N’ Roses bassist) pens his first-ever column for the New York ‘Times,’ on the subject of business travel.
  6. actors
    Cross-Joint Inventor Signs Book DealRoger Friedman reports that the actor and MFA student has sold a short-story collection to Scribner.
  7. tube junkie
    R. Kelly Makes Us Proud to Be Americans AgainThere’s no new chapter of Trapped in the Closet today, so to tide you over, here’s R. Kelly’s reimagining of our national anthem from 2005.