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Getting To Know You

  1. getting to know you
    Meet Vulture’s New Dancing With the Stars Recapper: Lisa LampanelliWe gave her a questionnaire to prove her recapping bona fides.
  2. getting to know you
    5 Things You Should Know About Stephen Colbert’s Bandleader, Jon Batiste Welcome, Jon!
  3. getting to know you
    Video: Bachelorette Contestants in One SentenceWho’s got two thumbs and is about to embarrass himself on national TV? All these guys!
  4. getting to know you
    Things You Learn After a Lot of Time Spent With Zooey DeschanelShe’ll never play Janis Joplin, ‘New Girl’ was originally titled ‘Chicks and Dicks,’ and she can be distracted by a fly.