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  1. pay up
    Kimiko Glenn Says Orange Is the New Black Actors Needed Second JobsHer TikTok echoed sentiments Sean Gunn had on Netflix’s picket line Friday.
  2. casting call
    Tits Up for Kelly Bishop, Who’s Joining The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel About time.
  3. trailer mix
    Ginny & Georgia Trailer: Gilmore Girls Breaks BadPremiering February 24.
  4. welcome to stars hollow
    Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson Had to Quit Smoking to Do Gilmore Girls Lines“She needed her wind, and I needed my wind.”
  5. live from stars hollow
    Sean Gunn Ranks (Some of) Kirk’s Many Gilmore Girls JobsA look back at Stars Hollow’s best and worst gigs with the town’s most relentless entrepreneur.
  6. last night on late night
    John Oliver Has Some Belated Thoughts on the ‘Upsetting’ Gilmore Girls Reboot“Not enough Paris.”
  7. oy with the poodles already
    Gee, Girls, This New Netflix Show Sounds Awfully FamiliarNew England! Alliteration! Daughters who act like mothers!
  8. vulture lists
    9 Great College Acceptance Scenes From TV ShowsGossip Girl, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and our other favorite college-bound TV characters.
  9. vulture lists
    The Most Definitively Amy Sherman-Palladino Parts of Mrs. Maisel Season TwoFrom a quirky canine companion to the indispensable dance competition, signature ASP flourishes abound in the series’s second season.
  10. chat room
    Alex Borstein on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Reuniting With Amy Sherman-Palladino“The hardest thing in the world to depict dramatically is stand-up.”
  11. 6 Signs You’re Watching an Amy Sherman-Palladino TV ShowThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Gilmore Girls, Bunheads all share these crucial elements.
  12. profile
    Amy Sherman-Palladino Is About to Debut Her Most Ambitious Show YetThe Gilmore Girls creator tackles the life of a female stand-up comic — in 1950s New York — in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
  13. amazon
    Amy Sherman-Palladino Has Big Deal With Amazon, So You’ll Have Wait on GilmoreAmazon has ordered two seasons of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
  14. prop work
    Here Are Some Photos of Alexis Bledel Holding Her EmmyCongrats Ofglen!
  15. vulture festival 2017
    How These Comedians Turned a Real-Life Breast Cancer Battle Into Hilarious TVAlso, why Zach Woods is hot and very strange.
  16. gilmore girls
    Lauren Graham Worries About Overstaying Her Welcome With More Gilmore Girls“If it all existed in a vacuum, I would play that character until my dying day.”
  17. close reads
    The Pregnancy Plot: How TV Shows Use Motherhood to Force Characters to Grow UpIt’s been a beloved device for working women on television going back to Murphy Brown.
  18. the industry
    More Gilmore Girls Episodes Possibly on the HorizonFingers crossed?
  19. where she leads we will follow
    Alexis Bledel Isn’t Too Sure About the Future of Gilmore Girls“I think most of us are just wanting to tell a good story.”
  20. Sebastian Bach’s Gilmore Girls Fanboy MomentAn excerpt from his new memoir. 
  21. last night on late night
    Lauren Graham: Gilmore Girls Cups Contain Coffee The mystery deepens.
  22. highs and lows
    The Highs and Lows of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the LifeRevisiting Stars Hollow was a real roller coaster of emotions.
  23. gilmore girls
    The Gilmore Girls Cast on Rory Hate, Ed Herrmann“I’m always trying to understand Rory’s romantic life. It’s an interesting part of her character, but one I’ve always struggled to understand.” 
  24. frequent flyer
    How Broke Rory Paid for Airfare on Gilmore GirlsA burning question, resolved.
  25. gilmore girls
    Gilmore Girls Creator: Abortion Is an Option“There are choices here that she can make.”
  26. chat room
    Gilmore Girls’ ASP on the Last 4 Words, TrumpWould the residents of Stars Hollow have voted for Trump? Apparently it’s a matter of debate.
  27. where you lead
    Watch Gilmore Girls Get Updated Title Credits[Blares “WHERE YOU LEAD, I WILL FOLLOW …”]
  28. white af
    Gilmore Girls’ Lack of Representation: A TumblrConnecticut is rough.
  29. gilmore girls
    Watch the Gilmore Girls Cast Discuss the RevivalFrom their SAG-AFTRA panel.
  30. journalism
    Rory Gilmore and Why We Need Better Fictional JournalismLike a lot of TV, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life doesn’t quite capture journalism accurately.
  31. listen
    The Vulture TV Podcast: Gilmore Girls EditionA lively debate.
  32. the gilmore future
    Matt Czuchry on Gilmore Girls’ Final Four WordsWho’s the baby daddy?
  33. vulture lists
    The 20 Best Long-Running TV Shows to Binge-Watch for 100 Hours or MoreFrom Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Law & Order, these shows are worth an extended commitment.
  34. close reads
    On the Heightened Sense of Privilege in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the LifeGilmore Girls was always a show about mostly white people living mostly comfortably. But the Netflix reboot takes that to a new level.
  35. memoirs
    What We Learned From Lauren Graham’s MemoirTales from the talkiest show on TV.
  36. inevitable comparisons
    How Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Is Just Like Little WomenIf only Rory were more like Jo.
  37. gilmore girls
    Cheryl Strayed Loved Gilmore GirlsWild HomageReese Witherspoon is also pretty darn proud.
  38. overnights
    Gilmore Girls Season-Finale Recap: Full CircleAfter the last four words, I couldn’t help but feel optimistic.
  39. overnights
    Gilmore Girls Recap: Stars Hollow, the MusicalIs there life for Lorelai beyond Stars Hollow?
  40. the gilmore future
    Amy Sherman-Palladino Discusses the Future of Gilmore GirlsMight another season on Netflix occur?
  41. gilmore girls
    Gilmore Girls Characters: Where They Are NowThe gang’s all here.
  42. theories
    Here Are Our Theories on That Gilmore Girls EndingIt’s gonna take a long time to process this one.
  43. gilmore girls
    Which of Rory’s Boyfriends ‘Won’ on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life?You’ve picked your team, now’s the time to see which one prevailed.
  44. party chat
    Gilmore Girls: The Future of Paris and Doyle “I don’t know if they could do much better than each other.”
  45. gilmore girls
    Melissa McCarthy’s Gilmore Girls Return Is Brief But PerfectIt’s a Sookie and Lorelai reunion for the ages.
  46. gilmore girls
    Yes, Gilmore Girls’ Last Four Words Are Actually Four WordsOy, with the suspense already.
  47. Gilmore Girls Cast Reflects on Those Four WordsWarm, familial, quippy spoilers ahead!
  48. city planning
    What’s Changed Around Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life?A guide to what’s new, what’s old, and what’s ever-so-slightly adjusted.
  49. give more gilmore
    15 Extremely Thoughtful Gilmore Girls-Inspired Gift Ideas Show the Gilmore fan in your life that you really pay attention to them, and also the show.
  50. chat room
    GG’s Luke on the Scene That Made Him EmotionalPlus, why he’s only ever watched the pilot of the series.
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