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  1. gimme more
    J-Hope Rocks Out With ‘MORE’His first single from his upcoming album, Jack in the Box.
  2. switched on pop
    The Vocal Turbulence of Britney’s ‘Gimme More’The thick manipulation of her singing matched what was happening in her personal life.
  3. gimme more
    The BBC Is Working On a #FreeBritney Documentary of Its OwnBAFTA-winning journalist Mobeen Azhar will travel the U.S., speaking to fans behind the movement.
  4. gimme more
    25 Things I’d Like to See From Tom Cruise’s New InstagramLet’s start with a video detailing his friendship with Kanye.
  5. gimme more
    HBO Renews Girls for Fourth SeasonTo air in 2015.
  6. gimme more
    Comedy Central’s @midnight Gets 40 More WeeksIt’s like an early, rodent-free Groundhog’s Day.