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  1. zaddy alert
    Jake Johnson to Star in Netflix Series As a Literal DaddyAlongside Gina Rodriguez and Jonathan Groff.
  2. scammers
    Evan Rachel Wood Does Her Best Elizabeth Holmes Voice in Kajillionaire TrailerRelatives that scam together, fam together.
  3. movie review
    Scoob! Is the Kind of Kids Movie That Features Jokes About TinderThe Scooby-Doo reboot, bumped from theaters to on demand, attempts to update the mystery-solving franchise with superheroes and internet jokes.
  4. apologies
    Gina Rodriguez Is Sorry If Saying the N-Word Offended You“I am sorry.”
  5. marital bliss
    Justin Baldoni Officiates Gina Rodriguez Wedding in Dream Jane the Virgin TwistStraight out of a telenovela!
  6. behind the scenes
    How Gina Rodriguez Pulled Off Jane the Virgin’s Amazing 7-Minute Monologue“When you have an actor like that, you can write something with full confidence that she’s going to kill it.”
  7. profile
    The Anti-Prestige ShowrunnerOn set with Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urman, who makes great TV by ignoring all the trends.
  8. tv review
    Jane the Virgin Goes Back to the BeginningThe fifth and final season of the CW’s excellent telenovela is giddy, tearful, joyful, and gasp-inducing.
  9. trailer mix
    Someone Great Trailer Invites You to a Kitchen Dance Party With Gina RodriguezBonus points for Lizzo.
  10. casting
    Gina Rodriguez, Will Forte, and Tracy Morgan Are Part of The New Scooby-Doo GangThey’re your new Velma, Shaggy, and Captain Caveman.
  11. review
    Miss Bala Isn’t Quite the Clunker It’s Been Made Out to BeThe souped-up plot is certainly indigestible, and there’s a steady stream of bad laughs, but something genuinely frightening comes through.
  12. winter tca 2019
    Gina Rodriguez Kept Jane the Virgin’s Big Twist a Secret for More Than a Year“It’s like, ’You can’t tell anyone for a year and a half.’ And I didn’t!”
  13. trailer mix
    Carmen Sandiego Trailer: Gina Rodriguez Will Rob You NowShe’s a thief. But a cool thief!
  14. tv
    Ellen Pompeo on Inclusive Hiring: ‘As Caucasian People, It’s Our Job’Meredith Grey had time today!
  15. casting
    Gina Rodriguez Is Making a Movie With the Creators of Playing HouseJessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham are writing and executive-producing the comedy.
  16. engagements
    Looks Like Gina Rodriguez Got Engaged to Joe LoCiceroSurprise!
  17. vulture tv awards
    The Best Show on TV Is Jane the VirginNo other TV show is doing all the things that Jane the Virgin does, or doing them all so well.
  18. casting
    Gina Rodriguez and David Thewlis Are Entering the Hormonal Maw That Is Big MouthRodriguez is a new girl at school; Thewlis is a “Shame Wizard.”
  19. roll clip!
    Watch Rosa Fall Stupid Hard for Gina Rodriguez on Brooklyn Nine-NineBrooklyn gets a little more Jane.
  20. twist!
    Watch the Jane the Virgin Cast React to Season Four’s Finale TwistIf you click, consider yourself completely spoiled.
  21. NYC Stories: Gina Rodriguez Loves Smooching in Central ParkThere’s no denying the romantic allure of Central Park, especially not for Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez.
  22. casting
    Get Gina Rodriguez a Giant Coat, She’s Doing a Live-Action Carmen Sandiego MovieRodriguez is also voicing Sandiego in an animated series for Netflix.
  23. jane the virgin
    Gina Rodriguez Implies Jane the Virgin Will End After Season 5We’re going to need a minute.
  24. very special guests
    Gina Rodriguez Lands Guest Spot on Brooklyn Nine-NineAll signs point to her playing Detective Rosa Diaz’s love interest.
  25. casting
    Gina Rodriguez Is Making That Gina Rodriguez Rom-Com You WantedThe Jane the Virgin star is producing and starring in Someone Great for Netflix.
  26. Gina Rodriguez to Star in and Produce Netflix Movie ‘Someone Great’Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is starring in a romantic comedy in the works at Netflix. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rodriguez […]
  27. explainers
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of AnnihilationWhat in the Shimmer is going on at the end of the film?
  28. Annihilation Is Flawed, But Unforgettably Mind-BendingAlex Garland’s searingly personal variation on Jeff VanderMeer’s novel has structure issues, but the ending knocks it out of the park.
  29. leather
    My Goodness, What Is Going on in These Jane the Virgin Photos?Jane apparently turns dominatrix in this week’s episode.
  30. representation
    Gina Rodriguez Calls Latino Underrepresentation in Film ‘Heartbreaking’“The underrepresentation of Latinos in Hollywood both on and off screen is not just a feeling; it’s a sad reality.”
  31. Jane the Virgin Is Bringing Back Douche RafaelFarewell to Zen Rafael.
  32. Natalie Portman Ventures Into Spooky Rainbow Smog in First Annihilation TrailerWritten and directed by Ex Machina’s Alex Garland.
  33. Gina Rodriguez Is Producing Immigration Dramas for CBS and CWOne show will be about a teenager who would have qualified for DACA.
  34. vulture festival 2017
    See the Stars Who Passed Through This Year’s Vulture Festival Photo StudioFeaturing Al Franken, Aziz Ansari, Jessica Williams, Connie Britton, and more.
  35. vulture festival 2017
    What You Missed at This Year’s Vulture FestivalGina Rodriguez, Aziz Ansari, Stephen Colbert, and many more.
  36. vulture festival 2017
    How the Jane the Virgin Cast Mourned Michael’s Death“I was so upset when I lost Brett,” Gina Rodriguez said.
  37. voices
    Gina Rodriguez to Voice Carmen Sandiego in New Netflix SeriesA celebratory fedora is in order.
  38. Gina Rodriguez, Elle Fanning, and 5 Other Actresses Who Should Play BarbieNow that Amy Schumer has dropped out of the project, who should fill Barbie’s shoes?
  39. chat room
    Jane the Virgin Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman on Last Night’s Big Surprise“This is another turning point to our series. Everything and everybody changes again.”
  40. last night on late night
    Gina Rodriguez Raps Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’Oh, college.
  41. sex
    Jane the Virgin’s Jane Is Going to Have Sex“It’s in the first half of the season, and it’s quite a big episode for us.”
  42. candy
    Gina Rodriguez Teaches Elmo the ABCs in SpanishSorry, en español.
  43. prom 2016
    Gina Rodriguez Sends Student Golden Globes DressBippity boppity boo.
  44. candy
    Watch Gina Rodriguez & Wilmer Valderrama on LSBGina does Lil’ Wayne and En Vogue.
  45. Why of Course Gina Rodriguez Can Crush This Lip Sync of Lil Wayne’s ‘A Milli’She’s up against Wilmer Valderrama.
  46. #movementmondays
    Rodriguez Launches Movement Mondays for Latinos“Let us use our numbers and powerful voices to prove we support one another … to prove they need to support all the various Latino cultures in the media.”
  47. mistaken identity
    Longoria and Ferrera on That Golden Globes Bit“They always send you copy, and it’s always terrible.”
  48. golden globes 2016
    See America Ferrera & Eva Longoria’s Globes BitNeither of them was Gina Rodriguez.
  49. diva live
    King, Obamas Reaction GIFs to Aretha FranklinFeaturing Carole King and the Obamas.
  50. golden globes
    The Globes Mixed Up Ferrera, Rodriguez [Updated]Here’s what Gina had to say about it.
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