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  1. morning after
    What Donald Glover Said to Lena Dunham After His Girls ArcDunham told Glover that she hoped his Girls role didn’t tokenize him.
  2. the vulture tv podcast
    Our Lingering Questions After Girls’ Final SeasonWhere did Hannah’s writerly ambitions go?
  3. close reads
    In Praise of Hannah and Her Mother on GirlsThe finale’s greatest strength is their scene together, and what it tells us.
  4. girls talk
    A Final Open Letter to Hannah Horvath of GirlsSome parting words for one of TV’s more polarizing characters.
  5. girls
    The Girls Finale Reminds Us This Wasn’t Just a Show for MillennialsWhat gets lost when we talk about Girls is the notion that it was also a simple coming-of-age story.
  6. tv review
    Girls’ Final Season Was the Show at Its Saddest, and BestIt ended true to its maddening heroine.
  7. vulture lists
    Every Episode of Girls, RankedFrom the great to the infuriating.
  8. girls
    Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner on the End of Girls and Hannah’s Final Pants-Free Shot“It wouldn’t be Girls if Hannah had pants on, right?”
  9. vulture lists
    The 25 Best Girls Guest Stars, RankedFrom Jenny Slate to Shiri Appleby.
  10. hot takes
    Why Is Girls (Literally) So Hot?The constant sweatiness fits in nicely with the show’s larger preoccupations.
  11. goodbyes
    All of the Possible Twist Endings for the Girls FinaleThis is HBO after all.
  12. vulture lists
    All of Hannah Horvath’s Love Interests on Girls, RankedFor all the talk of how sexually explicit Girls can be, Hannah certainly didn’t hook up with that many people.
  13. All the Times Girls Ends With a Shot of Hannah’s FaceMany times!
  14. wishes
    Please Stop Comparing Girls to Sex and the CityThese shows were never alike at all.
  15. The Most Painfully Self-Centered Things Hannah Horvath Has Ever Said▶️ “Am I seriously the only one who prides herself on being truly authentic?”
  16. vulture lists
    Hannah Horvath’s Highs and Lows, by the NumbersFreelance pieces Hannah has published, that we know of: 6.
  17. backstories
    What 6 Seasons of Girls Posters Tell Us About the Show“Almost getting it kind of together.”
  18. reality check
    Hannah on Girls Could Not Have Gotten That JobThe show has always had a fraught relationship with realism.
  19. fan fiction
    The True Story of Shoshanna Shapiro’s Absolutely Perfect WeddingThe day when when our favorite girl finally becomes Mrs. Byron Long.
  20. goodbye to all that
    The ‘Goodbye to New York’ Essay Girls’ Hannah Horvath Probably WroteHannah would never resist a Joan Didion-style goodbye.
  21. girls talk
    Shoshanna on Girls Is ‘Adulting,’ But Has She Really Grown Up?Kudos for being honest with your friends and everything, but what is up with your new insta-life?
  22. close reads
    How Girls Breaks the Traditional Rules of the Friendship ComedyThe HBO series was always about what happens when young women grow up and grow apart.
  23. backstories
    Lena Dunham Has Known Where Hannah Would End Up on Girls Since Season 2“Considering I spent the rest of my life working with Planned Parenthood, it was fun to not make it a political choice.”
  24. girls talk
    To Root or Not to Root for Adam and Jessa on GirlsShould they be together? Because I’m not sure they should be.
  25. overnights
    Girls Recap: Too Much HistoryGirls is going out on such a high note.
  26. girls talk
    A Follow-up Open Letter to Marnie Michaels of GirlsWhat happens to Marnie when a pawn shop owner gets real.
  27. overnights
    Girls Recap: Let Me Be Your Star“The Bounce” turns attention to Elijah Krantz, Broadway dreamer.
  28. close reads
    The Rise of Elijah on GirlsGive him his spinoff now.
  29. girls talk
    An Open Letter to Marnie Michaels of GirlsDo you ever actually hear yourself, Marnie?
  30. Daisy Eagan On Girls, Lena Dunham, and Being Hannah’s DoppelgängerWhen people ask, “You look familiar,” I say, “I’m not Lena Dunham.”
  31. close reads
    What Would a Hannah-Adam Endgame Look Like on Girls?In the final season of Girls, will Hannah and Adam reunite?
  32. girls talk
    Why Elijah on Girls Needs to Apologize to HannahIs it too late now to say sorry?
  33. Girls Foreshadowed Hannah’s Pregnancy in This One Scene From Season 3“You’re gonna end up with a baby that you don’t know how to care for.”
  34. chat room
    Becky Ann Baker on Girls, Eating Too Many Gummies, and Hannah’s Pregnancy“I had a good-sized bag of gummies, which I didn’t know until a little later was not that good for you.”
  35. close reads
    The Pregnancy Plot: How TV Shows Use Motherhood to Force Characters to Grow UpIt’s been a beloved device for working women on television going back to Murphy Brown.
  36. girls talk
    What Should Hannah Horvath Do?She has a major decision to make. We have some thoughts.
  37. the vulture tv podcast
    Our Favorite Drunken TV MomentsPlus, processing that big episode of Girls.
  38. girls talk
    Some Advice for Chuck Palmer, the Lecherous Author on GirlsThis week’s installment of our advice column for Girls characters.
  39. backstories
    Matthew Rhys on Choosing a Fake Penis for His Girls Episode“It wasn’t the one used by Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights.”
  40. Girls Director Richard Shepard on Fake Penises, Bottle Episodes and Matthew Rhys“It’s actually very hard to find a not-fully-erect dildo.”
  41. backstories
    Lena Dunham Explains Girls’ Big Episode on Sexual Assault“I have way less shame about my actual sexual assault than I do about some ambiguous encounters I had with some people.”
  42. close reads
    Girls: How the Patrick Wilson Episode Compares to the Matthew Rhys Episode“One Man’s Trash” and “American Bitch” reveal a lot about Hannah Horvath.
  43. Advice for Shoshanna on Girls: Forget the WEMUN, Be Your Own Woman!Some gentle suggestions for Shoshanna “Get out of my face!” Shapiro.
  44. girls talk
    Some Advice for Ray on Girls: Stop Being a DoormatSome words of wisdom for Marnie’s so-called boyfriend.
  45. close reads
    Why Girls Is So Good When It Leaves New York CityOutside, everything is clearer, simpler, more candid.
  46. Girls Changed Hannah’s Look After Judd Apatow Noted She Looked ‘Too Attractive’“Her outfit is too cute, her hair and makeup looks too good. We are making an underdog here!”
  47. timelines
    A Complete Timeline of All the Controversies Girls StartedSo many think pieces.
  48. f marry kill
    The Girls Cast Plays ‘F, Marry, Kill’ With Vulture“Kill Shoshanna and Marnie. I’d kill them together. Double homicide.”
  49. Allison Williams and More on the Scenes in Girls They Are Proudest Of“There were no real lines for it, and that was really challenging.”
  50. party chats
    Iman Teases Lena Dunham on the Whiteness of Girls in One Perfectly Pitched Joke“I’m not actually Lena Dunham. I know it’s hard to tell us apart.”
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