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  1. unhappy endings
    Watch a Teaser for the Final Season of GirlsThe gang’s all (reluctantly) here.
  2. Girls’ Best Musical MomentsThe songs in each episode have gotten as much attention as Lena Dunham’s various body parts.
  3. chat room
    Allison Williams of Girls on Her Big Episode“Basically there is no difference between Girls and Game of Thrones. It’s time everyone noticed.”
  4. party chats
    Zoë Kravitz Was One of Desi’s 7 Ex-GFs on GirlsIn a deleted scene, as the girl who got away.
  5. close reads
    Girls Is Consistently a Better Show Than It Gets Credit ForIt’s more thoughtful and self-aware than the mountains of press clippings about Lena Dunham would ever suggest. 
  6. chat room
    Girls’ Alex Karpovsky on Ray and Marnie“There’s a chapter of his life with Marnie that’s still playing out that may or may not work out.”
  7. girls
    Girls Finally Found Its Worst CharacterMeet Ace.