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Glenn Danzig

  1. this magic moment
    Glenn Danzig Accidentally Made the Year’s Best Horror-ComedyVerotika is gory, horny, and absolutely hilarious. Someone better tell the Misfits front man he’s our new Ed Wood.
  2. reunited and it feels so good
    Glenn Danzig & Jerry Only Perform As the MisfitsIt was the first time since 1983 that Danzig and Only performed as the Misfits.
  3. shop talk
    Video: Watch Chris Gethard Shop With Dismemberment Plan’s Travis MorrisonThe indie-rock icon dishes on fashion and his influences with one of our favorite comedians.
  4. vulture lists
    8 Lamest Pop-Classical Crossovers in HistoryPaul McCartney! Elvis Costello! And Sting! Obviously!