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  1. How Scott Rogowsky Carved Out His Own Corner in Late Night ComedyScott Rogowsky longs for a bygone era of comedy, when scouts for Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show (or Carson himself) would turn up at comedy clubs […]
  2. ‘Men Don’t Whisper’: The Best Short of 2017?Another This Week in Web Videos installment and another go90/JASH collabo that awes. Yes. Men Don’t Whisper is that good. As […]
  3. Watch the Trailer for the Megyn Kelly-Produced go90 Political Comedy […]Back in September, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly signed on to produce a half-hour comedy for go90 about reporters covering a presidential […]
  4. Here’s the Trailer for go90’s ‘Thanksgiving’ Starring Chris Elliott, Amy […]Verizon’s go90 has a new comedy series debuting next week. Variety reports that the streaming service has added a half-hour scripted comedy […]
  5. Demetri Martin Explores the Mysteries of the Universe in ‘Our Fascinating […]Demetri Martin recently teamed up with Funny or Die and go90 for an eight-part series called Our Fascinating Planet, and Funny or Die recently […]
  6. Check Out the Trailer for Demetri Martin’s go90 Series ‘Our Fascinating […]Demetri Martin has teamed up with Funny or Die and go90 for a new web series, and the streaming network recently released the trailer. Titled […]
  7. Inside ‘Tween Fest’, Funny or Die and go90’s Star-Studded Streaming Series In 2015, writers Brad Evans (who is a former editor of this website) and Nick Ciarelli created a stage show at the UCB in Los Angeles called […]
  8. Megyn Kelly to Produce a Comedy Series About Reporters Covering the […]Verizon’s streaming platform Go90 just ordered six episodes of a new comedy series from producer Megyn Kelly. According to Variety, the Fox […]
  9. ‘Tond’ Combines Joke-Forward Sensibilities with a Coen Brothers Feel To watch Tond is to learn that filmmakers Kelly Hudson, Josh Ruben, and Vince Peone really dig the kind meticulous understatement made famous […]
  10. Check Out the First Trailer for Funny or Die and go90’s ‘Tween Fest’Streaming service go90 teamed up with Funny or Die to create their first big comedy series, Tween Fest, and its first trailer was just […]